ITU World Championships,

Hamburg, Germany.


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Germany's Daniel Unger takes out the 2007 ITU World Championships in front of his home crowd.

A great moment for Hamburg and Germany.










Some good pre-race concentration and preparation, which would result in a great day for both the above athletes.





Pre-race warm up with the swinging arms and quad stretches.











2007 Triathlon World Championships– Elite Men Results

Hamburg BG Triathlon World Championships – Final Elite Men's Results:
Gold – Daniel Unger (GER) 01:43:18
Silver – Javier Gomez (ESP) 01:43:22 +00:00:04
Bronze – Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) 01:43:36 +00:00:18
4th – Simon Whitfield (CAN) 01:43:40 +00:00:22
5th – William Clarke (GBR) 01:43:45 +00:00:27
6th – Jan Frodeno (GER) 01:43:57 +00:00:39
7th – Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) 01:44:04 +00:00:46
8th – Stuart Hayes (GBR) 01:44:07 +00:00:49
9th – Bevan Docherty (NZL) 01:44:22 +00:01:04
10th – Tim Don (GBR) 01:44:27 +00:01:09















Just some of the many media capturing the 1000m turn point of the 1500m swim.

















A small group attempting a breakaway on the first lap of the bike course.







Lap 2 and the same four athletes were still leading.










The chase pack.

Hopefully this image is viewed more for its artistic appeal than the actual photo quality.

Look to triathlete number 28 as a focus point.
































The Kiwi's featured well with two men finishing in the top ten.















Daniel Unger from Germany is leading as the German crowd look to the big screen.

A mixture of excitement and anticipation with roughly one minute left, until the new World Champion is crowned.



















The press conference was mostly in German with English translations, so it was hard to be sure of what Unger said precisely.

The translations that were interesting was that he was feeling cramps coming on in the last lap but carried on, and was surprised when in the last stages of the race he noticed Gomez was faultering.

Running sub 30 minute 10kms is the new standard in winning ITU(draft legal) races, as was the case on this day. Brad Kahlefeldt mentioned this also in his summary at the post race media conference.

Another comment translated as a quote from Unger at the media conference was that this was a day to bring Olympic distance triathlon into the spotlight with Ironman. This statement makes sense because Germany produces many of the leading individuals in Ironman racing on the world stage.

Also in the conference Unger said he visualised the race and doing so well. This is an important part of competing at the highest level and shouldn't be overlooked. He also admitted he was in disbelief during the race at how well it was going and didn't want to know the precise run split times.

The editor of this site has read the translations of some German websites also, which was interesting also to confirm what was heard at the media conference.

The German athletes were certainly lifted by the home advantage. the under 23 mens winner was also German. How this could be and the Psychology of sports success will be discussed in the Ironman training section of this site under the title 'Ironman preparation and psychology'.



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