triathlon - Peak to Peak 2006


ILT Rowing Championships,

Southland, New Zealand .


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Well, am not that familiar with rowing so will let the photo's do the talking for me. The order of the photo's below does'nt represent the finishing place order. My present flatmate was in the mens fours so thought to capture the moment, and something different from triathlon.



This shot of the mens fours is taken not long after the starting line.







Mens pairs away and racing.

Notice the windswept trees which is typical of many parts of the southern South Island coast.






It appears that every muscle in the body gets a good workout in this sport.



This and the 5 shots below is of the rowers warming up on the way to the start line.





















Below is a few shots from the womans coxless fours and eights races.






Looks like a good challenge, involving team work and co-ordination.




Some of the photos above will have click to enlargements.



End of another good day out there doing it. Shot taken with a fisheye lens.








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