Mooloolaba ITU World Cup Triathlon,

Sunshine Coast, Australia.






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It was a multiple lap cycle and run course alongside the beautiful Sunshine Coast.








The mind body and soul was challenged to the max by the very hot conditions and fast relatively flat triathlon course.






Emma Snowsill leading the front cycle bunch, with Fernandes tucked just in behind.








The spectators enjoy a close up view of all the action as it unfolds. The race was very spectator freindly with both the run and bike being multi-laps.














































Exhausted by the heat. Some electrolyte replacement would be needed after this race.






Current Olympic Gold medallist Hamish Carter handed out the Womans medals.






Last minute preparations before the start of the mens elite event.






The great day was enjoyed by all, and the water was one of the best places to be.





Some of the first swimmers out.













The race course passed through the cafe zone of downtown Mooloolaba, and its high risers.






The lead cycle bunch.


































The antithesis of physical activities.







Atkinson lead the charge early on in the run.







Gemmel would place third in the mens elite.








Reed and Thompson were also in contention for the top placings early on in the run.






Hot work.







Near the finishing line.





















It was the hottest of days. The temperatue was 35 degree C at 9am in the morning when the age group races were on and it warmed up from here.






Triathlon is very much an international sport, with contenders from many countries able to challenge at the top.






Elation shows as the media surround the elite champion on the day.







The Australian National anthem rung out twice on this day.






An Australian day to celebrate.

This was a great event, and was well supported by 1000's of spectators, many of which had completed the olympic distance triathlon earlier in the day.