Kitzbuhel ITU World Cup Triathlon,

Tirol, Austria.


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Simon Whitfield taking out 1st place, one second ahead of Frederick Balaubre.



2007 Kitzbühel BG Triathlon World Cup Elite Men Results

1. WHITFIELD, Simon (CAN) 1:42:56
2. BELAUBRE, Frederic (FRA) 1:42:57 +:01
3. KAHLEFELDT, Brad (AUS) 1:43:01 +:05
4. RIEDERER, Sven (SUI) 1:43:07 +:11
5. RAELERT, Andreas (GER) 1:43:27 +:31
6. CLARKE, William (GBR) 1:43:32 +:36
7. RANK, Sebastian (GER) 1:43:34 +:38
8. POLIKARPENKO, Volodymyr (UKR) 1:43:41 +:45
9. TURBAEVSKIY, Vladimir (RUS) 1:43:46 +:50
10. DE VILLIERS, Hendrik (RSA) 1:43:48 +:52









There was a 15 second penalty given to one athlete at the far end of this image for false starting.













Heading out on the second lap of the 1500m.









The top photo shows the first three athletes entering transition, after the swim.






The first cycle group on the second cycle lap.































This was one of several tight and fast bends on the course.












The lead run group went heading out on the first of four laps.

The fastest 10km run time of the day went to Simon Whitfield, in close to 29mins.






































The Austrian athletes looked to be very competitive on the day,and were well supported by the home country crowd.







The Canadian flag being carried out for Simon Whitfields win, by the Austrian hosts.









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