Salford ITU World Cup Triathlon,

Manchester, England.






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Another convincing win to Spain's Javier Gomez.



2007 Salford BG Triathlon World Cup Elite Men Results

1. GOMEZ, Javier (ESP) 1:51:47
2. KAHLEFELDT, Brad (AUS) 1:51:59 +:12
3. WHITFIELD, Simon (CAN) 1:52:04 +:18
4. DON, Tim (GBR) 1:52:19 +:32
5. RANA, Ivan (ESP) 1:52:33 +:46
6. DOCHERTY, Bevan (NZL) 1:52:39 +:52
7. BRUKHANKOV, Alexander (RUS) 1:52:43 +:56
8. CLARKE, William (GBR) 1:52:53 +:1:07
9. HAYES, Stuart (GBR) 1:52:59 +1:12
10. RAELERT, Andreas (GER) 1:53:02 +1:15




The is more black & white photography featured on the womans page.

The Lowry art gallery is in the background of the images above and below.










The start of the mens race is an all out sprint to begin with.







Approaching the 750m mark.









The front two swimmers going for it, while those chasing seem to be lifting their heads surprisingly high to navigate.






Plenty of splash and dash.






Gomez was first out on the bike, but is only meters ahead of the first cycle bunch.

This cycle group would soon be joined by others to form a large pack.







Two cyclists making a break in the second lap.

The lead cyclists usually have the film cameras attached to them.










There were many break away attempts on the cycle leg.

Tim Don from Britain spoke after the race of how he tried to make such a break, but went on to say how the group didn't work hard enough to maintain it.

Team tactics can play a part in such close racing.






As with all the ITU races covered on this site, the leading individuals look to be doing their share at the front of the pack.












Nike certainly support many sports as part of their marketing and it is the focus of this shot.





Tim Don did say before the race that he was dsperate for a win on home turf and he certainly looked to be giving it his all. Charging hard all day as seen here by leading out on the first run lap, however a 4th placing would have to suffice.




Ivan Rana used to be pretty much the fastest runner in triathlon, but couldn't maintain the second position he had in the first run lap. He would settle for a very respectable 5th placing in this top quality field.













The above images are shown in chronological order(left to right), of the 2nd lap of the 10km run.

The shutter speed for these images was set a bit slow at 1/60sec. The basics of using shutter speeds to show movement will be discussed in basic terms in the actionphoto blog section of this website.





Heading out across the foot bridge on the last run lap, of what would be a sub 30 minute 10km.

















The big screen was much clearer in reality than this image shows and was enjoyed by a good crowd.




This was my first time staying in Manchester and it was a very pleasant city indeed.









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