Ironman Japan 2008

Photos by Satoshi Takasaki.



Luke McKenzie from Australia.




Naomi Imaizumi from Japan finishing in 9:33:59.

Australain Luke McKenzie was victorious at the 2008 Ironman Japan in a course record time of 8:29:11.

Mckenzie was one of the first to emerge from the water and stayed in front all day.



Japan's Naomi Imaizumi repeated in her home country as the winner in the women's race.

Sarah Pollett from Australia took a substantial early lead after a very strong swim. That lead though quickly diminshed on the bike as USA's Bree Wee and defending champion Naomi Imaizumi rapidly made up time.


























Some of the leading swimmers out of the 3.8km swim.




















Top 10 men

1. Luke McKenzie (AUS) 8:29:11
2. Mitchell Anderson (AUS) 8:38:34
3. Hans Muehlbauer (GER) 8:39:48
4. Hayato Kawahara (JAP) 8:48:00
5. Han SeokJoo (KOR) 8:50:49
6. Daiki Masuda (JAP) 8:51:26
7. Masayuki Matsumaru (JAP) 8:52:53
8. Shingo Tani (JAP) 8:57:11
9. Takuya Shibata (JAP) 8:58:32
10. Hiroyuki Nishiuchi (JAP) 8:59:32




Top 10 women

1. Naomi Imaizumi (JAP) 9:33:59
2. Bree Wee (USA) 9:37:12
3. Sarah Pollett (AUS) 9:54:30
4. Saki Kubota (JAP) 10:10:47
5. Simone Hakenberg (NED) 10:30:45
6. Anne Martin (AUS) 10:37:05
7. Megumi Kobayashi (JAP) 10:37:28
8. Sachi Kojima (JAP) 10:38:18
9. Elizabeth Gordon (AUS) 10:38:43
10. Margit Messinger-Walek (AUT)10:41:36



Luke McKenzie was 1st overall.



Mitchell Anderson was 2nd overall.






Hans Muehlbauer took 3rd.




Hayato Kawahara was first of the Japenese in 4th.



1st woman Naomi Imaizumi.





2nd woman overall was Bree Wee from the USA.





Australia's Sarah Pollett took 3rd.











Mitchell Anderson's legs would hold strong in the run.










A 7th for Masayuki Matsumaru of japan in a fast time of 8:52:53.




























Mitchell Anderson crossing for 2nd overall.






Hans Muehlbauer crossing for 3rd.


First place celebrations above and below.







More first place celebrations.





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