Xterra U.K,South Wales.





This coverage was provided by the photographer of www.sportysnaps.com Martin Ennis.





The first individual men to cross the line and another good day out of the office.



XTERRA UK 2007 results


Mens results.

1. Nicolas Lebrun (FRA) 2:15:28
2. Felix Schumann (GER) 2:15:39
3. Liewe Boonstra (RSA) 2:17:20
4. Ronny Dietz (GER) 2:18:06
5. Jim Thijs (BEL) 2:20:07


Womans results.

1. Julie Dibens (GBR) 2:38:19
2. Eszter Erdelyi (HUN) 2:45:04
3. Michelle Lombardi (RSA) 2:49:08
4. Lisa Lieb (USA) 3:09:55
5. Jacqui Slack (GBR) 3:17:46





And the race is underway!

The above photo was taken near the bottom of "impossible climb" - it gives and idea just how much height was climbed in the first few miles.








Ready to go for the start in the off road version of triathlon.













The swimmers navigate the tricky exit from the swim.













Good sportsmanship at the end of the swim is great to see.





The lead men at the top of “impossible climb”.




The only cyclist to ride “impossible climb” to the top .








The cycle was up and across some very rough ground.






Julie Dibbens extends her large lead which she holds to win the women’s race.







This was the fastest way to get up “impossible climb”.






Trying to stretch the muscles before climbing “impossible climb” for the second time.






The runners enjoy some stunning countryside in South Wales.






The constant climbing and descending takes its toll – this runner has bad thigh cramps.








The high speed descend to the finish line.




The male winner crosses the line.




The second place male is overcome with emotion after a tough battle with the winner.












This is the most graceful finish I have seen in quite a while(editor).









The top three woman; great effort.







The top three men; well done to these guys and all the others who completed such a tough event.








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