Timberman 70.3, Lake Winnipesauke,



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All photo's on this event page were taken by David Berkowicz.

Event date 19/8/2007.




Simon Lessing & Desiree Ficker Win the 2007 'Timberman 70.3'.




Mens Pros

1st Simon Lessing 4:00:02

2nd Bjorn Andersson 4:02:52

3rd Michael Lovato 4:05:59

4th Mike Caiazzo 4:07:46

5th Spencer Smith 4:09:54

6th Will Ronco 4:12:03

7th James Hadley 4:13:29

8th Marc Bonnet-Eymard 4:15:08

9th Chris Bagg 4:17:46

10th Sebe Ziesler 4:18:03



Womans Pros

1st Desiree Ficker 4:25:54

2nd Kate Major 4:28:48

3rd Dede Griesbauer 4:41:11

4th Cynthia Wilson 4:44:39

5th Tara Norton 4:44:51

6th Karen Smyers 4:47:07

7th Deanna Frank 4:52:35








Dede Griesbauer at the start of what would be a good day, taking out the 3rd placing on the day.





Karen Smyers shown here is a previous winner of the Ironman World Championships(1995).

Karen Smyers has had one of the most successful career of any female professional in triathlons history.

She also won the ITU World Championship twice, the U.S. Pro Nationals 7 times, and the ITU Long Distance World Championship twice.







Simon Lessing.













Spencer Smith.






Christina Robeson.







Marc Bonnet-Eymard







Michael Lovato on the way to placing 3rd






Bjorn Andersson shown above and below took the second place podium.


















Kate Major(left) & Desiree Ficker












Ouch! Cramp?