Southern Traverse.





This photo coverage was provided by Stan Van Jaarsveld(ST media).





( 11th- 13th April, 2008)


The Southern Traverse was first held in 1991 and returned this year to a classic format of three days rather than the longer five day event. Nine teams from throughout New Zealand competed.

“We wanted to go back to a shorter race format with an emphasis on navigation, avoid the traditional extreme physical exhaustion for athletes but still provide a night time racing element,” says Race Director Geoff Hunt.

“I think we have achieved that and although we only attracted a small field there was some fantastic competition and the teams were very excited about the terrain.”

He says the course which included 90 kms of mountain biking, four trekking stages totalling 75kms and a 34km paddling stage used some incredible country.


Team 'Powered by Velvet', the eventual winner.

As the winning team Powered by Velvet has gained an entry into the prestigious Adventure Racing World Championships in Brazil in August this year.

The formidable team and includes Coast to Coast guru George Christison, Sonya Clark, Chris Morrissey and Rhys Burns who are all highly proficient and skilled adventure racers.

The team completed the race in 21 hours 44 minutes but was strongly challenged over the 199km course by the Icebreaker R&R Sport team which crossed the finish in 23hours 54 minutes.








A great vantage point for some navigation and refreshments.

Pictured here is the Team 'Curly, Blond, Bald and Ginge'.








Washing to get rid of any didymo after crossing Waiau.








One of the important tags to find shown here.






Team assistants at the ready for 'Team Curried Bros' who would be first off the river.






Team assistant flag.







Icebreaker R & R sport on Waiau.







Where do we go from here.

Only 360 degrees to choose from.













Mountain biking was stage 6.









Team Rogaine member navigating on day 3.







Cycling through the forest on a great day.



Team ' Ice Breaker R & R Sport picturede here was second overall.

Icebreaker is made up of Dunedin and Queenstown athletes Matt Woods, Haydn Key, Mark Williams and Sarah Fairmaid who all have a high profile in adventure racing.



Results Overall


Southern Traverse Course

1   22 - Powered by Velvet
2   30 - Icebreaker R&R Sport
3   9 - Lyttelton Loons
4   11 - Team Geraldine
5   25 -
6   21 - Curly Blond Bald and Ginge




18 - Team Roberts





Unranked Teams

1   23 - Tootling Along


24hr Course Teams

1   17 - Curried Bros


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