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Longest Day Run Section

'Coast to Coast' , N.Z

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The 2009 results and some photos are now at this link.



Some of Robin Judkins Top placing predictions for 2009


1st Gordon Walker Auckland 

2nd Luke Vaughan Christchurch 

3rd Marcel Hagener Germany 

4th Gordon Blythen Wanaka 

5th Carl Bevins Timaru 

6th Glenn Muirhead Wellington 




1st Fleur Pawsey Christchurch 

2nd Jill Westenra Wellington 

3rd Emily Miazga Canada 

4th Elina Ussher Finland 

5th Fleur Lattimore Nelson

6th Sia Svendsen Denmark 



Well no Richard Usher competing this year. After watching and photographing the event last year I will be very surprised if anyone can come within 40 minutes of Gordon Walker.

In the womans race I think Emily Miazga will come through in the top three again; wished her luck in an e-mail when I bought some of those great 'power cookies' from her this week.

Fleur Pawsey wasn't far off the pace last year, so if Robin Judkins picks her as number one, then I am happy to go with that.


Also '' sponsored a young oneday competitor nick-named 'Speedy' (Ben). Ben is only a young guy but certainly a character and he will be posting a race review and a few photos of how he gets on, at this website. He has done it before so maybe he can show through. Will also get a couple of photos myself as will be at the finish line in Sumner, Christchurch.

Am getting close to enetering this race again in future myself; have all the gear, its just a matter of commiting to it.


So have a great raceday all you 2009 competitors, from 'TriathlonShots' .









Below is last years run section.

A link to the kayak/finish is at the bottom of the page.




This years race had 228 entrants in the one day event which is the largest number in this category for the 26 years it has been running.

They started on the beach on the West Coast(Tasman Sea) with a 3km run to the first bike leg of 55km, which they are just finishing below.  






Jacob Roberts from Christchurch leading the individual one day race into the mountain run transition.  







Greg Taylor(at left) must be very tough to keep up with this bunch riding with running shoes and the old style toe clips. Wearing a pair of running shoes the whole way or most of it is really in keeping with original multi-sporters and it is good to see.

The leading few men however have taken professionalism to another level and have multiple support crews which are allowed to give plenty of assistance at the transitions.








Veteren Male Thomas Petersson shown her running through transition starting out well as part of the leading 6 cyclist group.  







Richard Usher was in the lead already at this point and as you can see he was flying.

Hard on his tail was Marc Pschebizen who only 3weeks earlier had taken out the 'Challenge Wanaka' iron-distance event.  




All concentration as the challenging mountain run is now in full sight.  







Marc Pschebizen was loosing seconds to Usher already in the first off road rock hop and small river crossing.

Marc Pschebizen run 2hrs 48mins in the marathon of 'Challenge Wanaka' so is no slouch at running, however Usher put in a good 15mins lead over him by the end of the 33km run.

Knowing the course and the quickest routes to take is part of it but also strengthening the legs for boulder hopping is required.





Greg Taylor looking focused would have a good run and was still well up the field at the start of the kayak.











Great support for Adam Gausel from this group.

Got to know some of these guys as they camped out at the same spot as myself. They were great and cheered along many others as well.

The night before I checked out the first 5kms or so of the mountain run course. It didn't seem familiar any longer as 16 years has passed since I last went over it.






The next group being lead by Dick Brunton and already over

7min 30secs back at 3kms into the run.

Mind you Dick Brunton would pass all but 2 of the lead cyclists to take out 3rd overall. The first cycle leg is only a small part of many much larger sections in this race so conserving some energy is wise.



Taking the tough route.E








Not mucking around. Big boulders in this river section.






Fleur Pawsey took out the title in last years 'Coast to Coast' and is 30 sec ahead of Emily Miazga at the first river crossing.

Still only 2hours into 13hours plus race, so still plenty of time ahead.






Emily Miazga won the race 2 years prior so like the mens race it was exciting to watch it unfold as the day went on.








Cameron Mumby.






Just down stream from where this guy is crossing is the widest part of the river and the boulders are also smaller than where most crossed.

Not surprisingly the leading 6 men all chose the wider part of the river as described to cross, but strangely very few of the others chose this quicker and safer route.

There was one quicker route again that I was told some of the fastest 2 day team runners chose which was diving in through a section where the river is most narrow(just down stream 20m's from the rocks at the back of this image). It is safe to dive in and would save 30secs but guess your gear would need to be well attached.




Great work. 





Arms spread helps the balance. 







The previous winner of 9 individual one day titles in this race Steve Gurney taking some close up action shots.  








Interesting how almost all competitors are carrying a small daypack on the mountain run. 








Looking up the 'Mingha Deception' route where they would climb up through a steep mountain gorge/pass. 







The competitors at left on the way over the very exciting and challenging run course. 








Closer up image looking in the same direction as the above shot. 







Steady procession of supporting vehicles heading to the run/cycle/kayak transitions.

The road in the gorge below this image is steeper and cut into a solid rock face and I am not sure it would passable on foot(not unlike many of the other gorges through the southern alps). 





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