Beijing Olympics, China.


Photos by Satoshi Takasaki.


And an interesting observation is that the olympic mens gold medalist has come from the country that hosted the World Championships the year before the olympic games. In 2004 it was New Zealander Hamish Carter and this time it was the German athlete Jan Frodeno. It really helps as the athletes can save energy by focusing and training for conditions in their own country. Also there is more reward to be at the front of the field in your own country and there are more resources made available for the hosting World Championship athletes.

Just looked it up and see this was the case for the Sydney olympics with Canada hosting the world championships in 1999. Canadian Simon Whitfield was the Gold medalist there.




This was written during the live TV coverage. There were so many adverts in Australia during the event.

The men looked to be really holding back during the swim? A time of 18+ minutes for the first swimmer out when Gomez was said to swim 15:46mins in a pool earlier this year.




First swimmers out of the water shown here, and being lead out by Shane Reed from New Zealand.





All the photos are displayed in the chronolgical order they were taken on the day.






















The cycle looked easy to begin but some of the speed reading showed late 40km/hr on the flats.

Am very expectant that Matt Reed will try and make a break away off the front with someone like Marko Albert.

And still 51 in the main pack of the 55 starters. Jenkins certainly looked to be helping Whitfield. And Shane Reed looked to be keeping the cycle group up to speed with fellow Kiwi Bevan Docherty right on his wheel.

Croes(BEL) certainly added some pain to the group and it worked well for Zeebroek(BEL) to break-away with Serrano (MEX) and Bockel(LUX). Serrano didn't hold on for long though.

One lap to go so it is now a bit late for a decent breakaway. It is just not a tough enough course like they had in Athens. It is turning into a bit of a 10km run again; who has the fastest 10km PB's?

Surprised not to see more breakaways in the bike.My bias likes the guys that cycle off the front, but expect they will get run down pretty quickly. Still hats off to them and good to see them shake hands before getting off the bike. The main group were 52 secs back. They will get a bit of an energy boost by being off the front.










Marco Albert looking to apply some pressure. He is a great cyclist but there are a few others in the pack behind also.

Disapointing was the French team. They are normally very strong on the bike but on this occasion Vidal was struggling to hold on to the group; it just wasn't to be the French athletes day even though Belaubre looked strong early on.





















Quite alot of empty seats, more empty than I thought it would be.











Gemmel is looking really good considering he cut his foot only 2 weeks earlier on his wheel spokes. Healing can be speed up a little but will take at least 10-14days. He would have had to be very careful with it.






Rasmus Henning is right at the front this time so will be surprised if he is not right up there in the last few 100m's. Am expecting a sprint for some of these medals.

One lap down and 10 or so of the fastest runners have a big break on the rest. The only guy missing for me is Peter Robertson. Oh well....

Henning in the front now. A bit early to go off the front so will be surprised if he can do it. Gomez and Rana will be there with Docherty I think. Unger and Gemmel are a threat also. Brownlee did a bit much work early on, I'm picking. Rana looks more like it and Gomez with him. Unreal, that is Gomez's strength.

Docherty and Gomez!!!!!! Lap 2 and they have sorted themselves out...well it is pretty early on. Rana is hurting as he leads and makes some surges, but he is draining some energy from the rest of the field as he does it.

It looks hot; Unger gave himself a good drenching with the aid station water. Brownlee is out but Unger could come back.

Last years race on the same course was a good predictor but Atkinson never fired this time.

Rana is dropping off but Frondeno and Whitfield are with the lead group also. No big surprises in this race and there were no surprises in the medals for the woman also. Only Gomez and Docherty left with these two with a lap to go.





Gomez worked extremely hard about 1km out to break away but just couldn't do it. He really looked close to doing what he normally does and break away to lead a good distance out.

Gomez leads but is hurting alot. It looks painfall and Whitfeild is dropping. Docherty and Frodeno are the only ones holding back and looking good. He hasn't lead to the last 500m's. Docherty should have gone maybe.

Who can sprint faster. Gomez is gone...unreal and dissapointing.




Was surrounded by Germans while writing this, and it was a slight surprise for Frodeno to do it. Well they will be more interested in triathlon from now I guess.

Jan Frodeno- Germany - Gold - 1:48:53

Simon Whitfield - Canada - Silver - 1:48:58

Bevan Docherty - New Zealand - Bronze - 1:49:05



And Gomez in a hard fought 4th, well he is still the best in my mind and is the current world champion.


4. Javier Gomez (ESP) 1:49:13
5. Ivan Rana (ESP) 1:49:22
6. Daniel Unger (GER) 1:49:43
7. Hunter Kemper (USA) 1:49:57
8. Rasmus Henning (DEN) 1:49:58
9. Igor Sysoev (RUS) 1:49:59
10. Frederic Belaubre (FRA) 1:50:00












Great comeback by Whitfield. The top 3 looked to slow back a bit with 300m's to go which was interesting. It allowed Whitfield to come back.

The heat looked to play a big part in the result, but then the conditions always suit someone in the field.

No more triathlon on Australian TV today; the two Australians weren't in it but Emma Snowsill made up for it yesterday with Gold.












And here is a direct link to the 'Womans' Olympic games page.









What a great spectacle the 2008 Beijing Olympic games have been.






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