'Ironman New Zealand'


Photos by Joshua Mouatt.






Line of swimmers passing the Maori Waka under the media's eye from above.

It was a beautiful calm lake for the swim but the weather would gradually worsen as the day progressed.






Near 700-800m into the swim and following the guiding light mounted on the lead kayak.








The calm before the storm at the bike transition.







Cameron Brown's(above left), winning time was amazingly quick given the wet and windy conditions they were dealt up on the day.

Kieren Doe looked to give it his everything he had and lead from the front until halfway through the Marathon.

Also notable were several other performances including multisport athlete Richard Ussher(above right), who took out 7th overall in his first ever triathlon event.







New Zealand pro Jeremy Boyd gets some media attention in T1.










Age groupers cooling of made the trip here from all corners of the world.








The crowd support along alot of the cycle course was energizing.










Aid station action on the run.






New Zealand road cyclist melissa Holt enjoying the run.







It was a cool day with wind and rain so it is not surprising the athletes were showing the strain.







Enjoying the day and getting a bit of a running draft.








Belgiums Van Lierde running his way into 2nd overall in the pros.








Cameron Brown reconfirmed that he is in great shape and had this race under control all day to make it seven ironman titles at Taupo.

Keiren Doe's 5 minute lead at the start of the run was never going to be enough.

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Equally on the day was Joanna Lawn holding off a superb challenge from Australian Kate Bevilaqua.

Unfortunately this site was unable to obtain photos of the Womans action.





Mens Pros


Cameron Brown won in 8:24:49

Then we had:

* Frederik Van Lierde at 8:31:35

* Kieran Doe at 8:33:35

* Stephen Bayliss at 8:37:03
* Pete Jacobs at 8:47:03
* Hubert Hammerl at 8:47:36
* Richard Ussher at 8:48:10
* Duncan Milne at 8:56:30
* Daniel Niederreiter at 8:57:51
* Scott Neyedli at 9:00:17






Womans Pros


Joanna Lawn made history with her record sixth win here in a time of 9:16:00.

Behind her were:

* Kate Bevilaqua at 9:20:06

* Emi Shiono at 9:23:26

* Bella Comerford at 9:25:33
* Gina Ferguson at 9:33:29
* Fiona Docherty at 9:41:56
* Joanne Bennett at 9:47:27
* Emma Weitnauer at 10:01:56
* Sue Mellsop at 10:08:27
* Elly Franks at 10:10:37






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