Edmonton ITU World Cup Triathlon,

Alberta, Canada.






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Last minute concentration.







A nice equal start.











Couldn't leave Canada without a close-up of some pine trees as they are very plentiful here.








Swim prime in the first 750m lap went to Well's from Canada seen here diving in.




Some synchrony is required to swim on the heels of the front swimmers.







Out of the first transition with a handy gap.



















Switzerland's Sven Rederer at right took the 3rd position by 1 second from kiwi Chris Gemmel.


























Fisheye lens giving a curved 180 degree view.















The race wouldn't run nearly as smoothly without the aid of many great volunteers like these two guys.








Alexander Brukhankov was near the front all day and made 2nd place safely his own.













Bevan Doherty's finishing time was a very fast 1hr 45:54.





High five's was appropriate, for a good day in the office.






The New Zealand team had a day to remember with many valuable ITU points gained and it may take some time to repeat.

Terenzo Bozzone and Chris Gemmel also had top 10 placings, along with fellow kiwi Shane Reed(not pictured).

It appears that New Zealand will have a strong team for next years big race, and competition should be useful in producing top honours.

















For anyone interested in wildlife, there is soon to be a page on the naturelive.net part of this site showing some wildlife from Canada's Elk Park.

Here is the link.