2008 Ironman France-Nice

Photos provided by Catherine Fiant.




Top 10 men

1. Marcel Zamora Perez (ESP) 8:34:04
2. Hervé Faure (FRA) 8:41:55
3. Patrick Bringer (FRA) 8:45:15
4. José Jeuland (FRA) 8:53:34
5. Rutger Beke (BEL) 8:55:11
6. Mike Aigroz (SUI) 8:56:43
7. Jozsef Major (HUN) 8:57:45
8. Damien Landon (FRA) 9:10:56 *
9. Jef Van Roosbroek (BEL) 9:12:34 *
10. Xavier Le Floch (FRA) at 9:12:49

* = AG athlete



Top 5 women

1. Martina Dogana (ITA) 9:35:29
2. Katja Schumacher (GER) 10:00:59
3. Alexandra Louison (FRA) 10:03:46
4. Alexandra Schwalbe (GER) 10:16:17
5. Michaela Schneck (GER) 10:23:31 *

* = AG athlete




Marcel Zamora Perez has won again, that makes three !

Marcel Zamora Perez gagne une fois de plus, ce qui fait trois victoires de suite !




Martina Dogana finally reached number one place on the finish line and let her joy explode.

Martina Dogana arrivera finallement en tête sur la ligne d'arrivée et laissera exploser sa joie




The photos below this story are of the mens event.


Being a triathlete for a day

At 6h30, the gun goes off. Athletes have more than 225km of racing in front of them. But how can we summarize that by participating in the Ironman - it is a race of three disciplines? This kind of event is something far different from a simple competition. The run up to the event and the time following the race is very important for a sense of wellness within each athlete. The emotions involved with doing an Ironman will provide an undeniable sense of accomplishment when they finally cross the Finish Line.

It is 4h00 o'clock in the morning. Between excitement and sleep, it's time to wake up slowly and begin preparations for the long day. The night may have been short, and feelings of stress are becoming more and more evident. The athletes must be calm in order to benefit from their last steady moments. 5h00 o'clock is coming. It's time to go to the Promenade des Anglais, the starting point of the race.

Now, it is 5h00 o'clock and the Bike Park opens it doors. Once my chip is fixed, and personal aid bags have been dropped off at the park entrance, I can make my last minute adjustments. Time is running out! It is already time to put the wetsuit on, leave my streetwear bag and use my last minutes to warm up. 6h15, and everybody is out of the water and moving to the starting area. Although there is so much energy and cheer all around the event, the tension is tangible. I have got butterflies in my stomach.

Here we are! Everybody is off. 225.995 kilometers separate me from the Finish Line. Loads of spectators are already there to admire the start, and it is magic atmosphere. I am in a sea of swimmers. As we move ahead, the less we are crowded. When at last I get out of the water, I run towards the transition tent without a break. I change, and go through the Bike Park to grab my bike. Spectators yell “go, go!" to support us. The hinterland is awesome, and the setting is spectacular. My first sign of fatigue arrives. Fortunately, Promenade des Anglais is getting closer. When I enter into the Bike Park , a volunteer is already there, in front of a free rack to help me. It's great! There is just time to swallow a banana, then I am already running on the Prom' for the last part of the race.

It is as though the closer I get to the Finish Line, the more discomfort I feel. The heat is definitely getting to me. Fortunately, there are volunteers to give us water and there are mist sprinklers to make the atmosphere cooler. Even if the sun hits the thousands of spectators, they prefer the sport festivity than being in the sea. I don't really know how to thank them for that, because maybe I would have given up without their support.

I can see the Finish Line. People touch my shoulders, yelling and cheering along the way. I am exhausted, but so happy. I am an Ironman! Once I have crossed the Finish Line, volunteers help me and hand me a finisher's medal and T-shirt. They invite me to go to the "After finish area" to eat a good portion of food and have a well deserved rest at the expert hands of the masseurs.

I will always have fond memories of this great day. Although it has been hard, I have done something amazing.




A high elbow before the arm enters the water is good technique.















Some of the leading men.

Decent bike riding skills help for a quick time.






A tough hilly course typical of much of the South of France.






Laurent Jalabert a former top pro cyclist from France.







At  2nd position at 13H45, he won't be able to keep this rank till the finish line.

En seconde position à 13h45, il ne pourra conserver cette place jusqu'à la ligne d'arrivée.






Frenchman Patrick Bringer respects his number, arriving  in 3rd and with some energy left...!

Le français Bringer respecte son rang en arrivant 3ièm avec encore de l'énergie...!





First french athlete Faure took second place on the finish line.

Premier français de l'épreuve, Faure arriveera en seconde position sur la ligne d'arrivée.





This is Marcel Zamora Perez's race.

First for 2 years in sucession!!





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