Lake Hayes Triathlon

& Multisport Race.




Photos by Grant Baird/






One way to get the wetsuit on.

Actually the guy jumping is from Belgium and was doing his first triathlon.

Geoff was in training to do this race before I met up with him, and needed a bike so loaned him my spare one.

So he is followed in the photos below.







This photo was taken just as the kayak/multisport triathlon started.







Nice day for a tri.


























Some of the lead swimmers.







First swimmer around the buoy is a champion swimmer for his age.





The kayak version of the triathlon is timed so the best kayakers finish with the lead swimmers.

These are the first kayakers.













I hitched a ride with this guy to get the swim photos.

Have wanted to get some photos from a boat of this race so it was great that this guy was there to watch and had a spare space.






The water is about 18 degrees celsius.

I did a swim here a week earlier and it was cold to begin but it was manageable.












Belgium mate in action again.

Actually he did his first open water swim with me here a week earlier so good to see he has a smile after this section.








This is the only bike photo as the race only takes just over an hour for the leaders and I was just here for to enjoy the day. So the focus today was on the run course.

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Taking it easy during transition. Well two of the people in this photo were in action doing the race.






Jamie Whyte 1st.

He recently did the 'Tour of Southland' cycle race so it must have been a good build up.









The battle for 2nd and 3rd here.







Training partners here and not far off the pace.

























Rebecca Grant 1st woman today.





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Katie Menzies was 2nd woman overall.







Took some of these images to show the vineyards as that is what is keeping me busy at present.

So there should be some wine as a prize at some local multisport/triathlons in the near future(label and wine still to be created but the local grapes are looking good this season).








Eduardo from Brasil doing the run as part of a team.







Professional triathlon Jamie Whyte 1st.






Matt King was 2nd today.






Professional triathlon Jamie Whyte 1st.

He was using this race to build up for the NZ national long distance championships in Tauranga in January.









Gavin was first in the kayak/bike/run and must be going pretty well as finished about the same time as the first triathletes. And that was after starting the bike at the same time.







Aaron Barclay pictured here is still a junior, so he is looking very promising if he sticks with it.







Rebecca Grant 1st woman today.

She has represented NZ as a junior triathlete.







Belgium Geoff happy to finish his first triathlon.

Actually lake Hayes was my first open water triathlon back in 1989 and I am sure has been the first triathlon for many others also.




For the first time the organisers of this event have turned it into a summer series of 5 races all located in the Queenstown area, with prizes for overall series winners.



And me, well intend to do this race at Easter 2010 and may do the kayak version. That is because one of my last 'must do' goals for mulitisports is to do the local 'Peak to Peak' race which is on every Winter.

Didn't plan to take so many photos but it was a nice day and good practise(which was needed).










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