'Korea' ITU series



All photos by the editor of Satoshi Takasaki.








Emma Snowsill the 2008 Olympic Gold medalist.

Noteably missing from the start line-up today was Vanessa Fernandes who recently fractured her collarbone. Vanessa plans to line up at the next ITU world series event in Madrid ; a course she has won 5 ITU world cup races on.






Pre race preparation.







Contemplation to B*First ?






Get ready...............







go, go, go......









Just finishing the first of two swim laps.






The first two swimmers out.

Moffatt and McLarty would lead for the first lap of the bike 'out front' by themselves.







Beautiful day. A seldom seen two-piece wetsuit in ITU racing.









World 2008 ITU number one Sam Warriner unfortunately come off the bike which would have slowed her down on the run for sure.







Great close-up action.









ThThe cycle cThe lead group all come into transition together.













Moffatt and Snowsill lead all the way in the run.

Snowsill made a small break late in the last km from Moffatt to take it.








Chase runners that would fight it out for 3rd








1st. Emma Snowsill (AUS) 2:02:42

2nd. Emma Moffatt (AUS) 2:02:52

3rd. Juri Ide (JPN) 2:03:30

4th. Kathy Tremblay (CAN) 2:03:32
5th. Kirsten Sweetland (CAN) 2:03:39
6th. Kiyomi Niwata (JPN) 2:03:56 +1:14
7th. Magali Di Marco Messmer (SUI) 2:04:07
8th. Samantha Warriner (NZL) 2:04:25 +1:43
9th. Vendula Frintova (CZE) 2:04:26
10th. Lauren Groves (CAN) 2:04:27





A great moment to enjoy, especially for Australia.







Emma's trophy cabinet must be pretty full.





The race video here. You may want to adjust the sound first.






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