Men's swim/bike photos,

Ironman World Champs.








Photos by Grant Baird/ TriathlonShots





A link to the run/finish photos is here







Professional triathletes moments before the start canon going.





















The swim course is one 'out and back' loop.









FirsFirstFFirst swimmers into transition were John Flanagan and Andy Potts from the USA.








Andy Potts.








Phillip Graves was in the next group into transition was 3rd or 4th out on the bike course.








NThe next swimmers included this group with Faris Al Sultan and Craig Alexander(Orbea bike). ext








A couple of black & white images below, to show a different photo effect.


Craig Alexander(Crowie) early in the race climbing the sharp little hill out of Kona.







Chris Lieto only a few seconds back from 'Crowie' at this stage.







Maik Twelsiek and Chris McCormack(Macca) shown here climbing the same hill as the previous 2 photos.

Note that the above 3 images are in chronological order which is the way all pages are designed for this website.

There was 10 or more guys ahead at this early stage, but Macca would claw back all but 2 of them by the days end.

Previous 2nd place getter at Kona Cameron Brown is in the blue tri suit behind Twelsiek. I spoke briefly with cameron before the race and he said his preparation had gone well, but he didn't race to his ability today.







Phillip Graves at only 20 years went off the front early on and held that position until close to 60miles(90km).







The first chase group being lead by Faris Al Sultan at this point.







A couple of the pro men who had fallen back from the front group shown here.








Still 19 miles to Hawi.

Hawi is the turning point for the oneway ride home.









Macca the 2007 champion working hard to get the ironman world title back.




The 2007 champion here

6th Timo Bracht (GER) 8:28:32

He went under 8hrs at ironman Germany a few months back to win there.









Australia's Luke Mckenzie had a good race.



It wasn't to be Normann's day.

He won here in 2004 and 2006.









Luc Van Lierde holds the fastest recorded time with his win here in 1996.

He is now 40 years old and still had a good overall time/placing in the professional ranks today.








The 2001 and 2002 champion Tim Deboom didn't feel he had it on the bike and pulled out at the top of this rise.







Craig Alexander.








A different angle of Faris Al Sultan to show the landscape.







There is a bit of greenery along the coastal course of this volcanic island.








Chris Lieto took over the lead just after halfway and built a decent break back to 2nd by the start of the run.








A great 'youtube' video here of the swim/bike.






A link to the run/finish photos is here









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