Kona 2009



Photos by Grant Baird/ Triathlonshots.com




















Brazil has a big group here in Kona.














Ironman is big in Germany also.







Italy stlylish as usual.








Maybe I will make it one day ?

The course is checking out well so far.









SSome of the sights that made the 'parade of nations' interesting to watch.














Only a few of the USA team shown here. The host country you could say.









Starting them young with the endless pool and ironman tatoos.









Everything is about ironman in Kona for this week.

Dave Scott(above right) is part of ironman legend.

Dave sco






Craig Alexander signing autographs attracted a large crowd.

Can Craig Alexander back up last years win at Kona to stand aside the all time greats?







Ideal bike to get your children started in triathlon?

Sarah Reinertsen finished Kona in 2005.










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