Kona press conference






Photos by Grant Baird/ Triathlonshots.com







A popular brand from North America.

That line up would look mighty fine in my garage.







Looking great.

These shoes also have your countries name on them for ironman ; but not N.Z.









The swim start area. There were plenty of dolphins out on the course today swimming around.

Did a swim today and it was very pleasant with lots of different colourful fish and nice coral.







Chrissy answered a question related to doping in triathlon.

And she said it was great that WADA was becoming more involved.







SEach athlete at the press conference was asked by Paul Huddle to comment on the new speed suits they will be wearing at Kona.

Craig Alexander was very much against them as he saw them giving an advantage to the slower swimmers.

Many were indifferent in their views on the speed suits and Terenzzo Bozzone who was last to answer said "he didn't give a sh*t " which was a nice light hearted moment in what can be some serious discusion.

Well Terenzo did say also firstly, 'it has all been said by the other athletes' at the press conference.
Am picking Terenzo can do pretty well and his result at ironman Germany involved a little detour off course on the bike course.

Basically the WTC(ironman franchise) is just following the rules of the swimming governing body 'FINA' with respect to what is allowable.Te








'IM Talk' creators Bevan and John interviewing 2006 Kona winner Michellie Jones.

Interview with Craig Alexander here.









Some interesting rules and other points were discussed in the professiona athletes briefing.

A point that was new to me is that they will be carrying some spare bikes in the bike mechanical support van for the professionals.

They will also have to scooters with bike mechanics at the ready to help. It sounds like they don't want a scenario like Macca having to pull out a gain due to bike failure.







Not what you want to see!

Athletes briefing explaining the red card sytem that will be used on the bike course for drafting violations.

Interesting to hear that the pro's must keep 10m gaps on the bike whereas I thought it was 7m gaps.

The speed suits come up again and there will be officials checking no one wears 2 of them and they will be individually tagged with the athletes name and then the material type and thickness checked over to see it is legal.

The wet






Race time is getting closer, and the German Commerzbank team look ready.








Miranda Cafree(white cap) and Michellie Jones(black cap), could 'well surprise' on the day.









Can Macca take the crown back again ?

I believe he can.




Scott Rigsby and this websites editor....myself.

By chance I sat with Scott on the flight from Honolulu to Kona and was great to get to know him.











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