Ironman World Champs,

Kona, Hawaii.












Chris McCormack was in scorching hot form.





Mens Pros

1. Chris McCormack   8:15:34
2. Craig Alexander   8:19:04
3. Torbjorn Sindballe   8:21:30
4. Timothy DeBoom   8:22:30
5. Marino Vanhoenacker   8:23:31
6. Chris Lieto   8:25:49
7. Eneko Llanos   8:26:00
8. Luc Van Lierde   8:30:01
9. Michael Lovato   8:33:28
10. Patrick Vernay   8:35:10


Womans Pros

1. Chrissie Wellington   9:08:45
2. Samantha McGlone   9:14:04
3. Kate Major   9:19:13
4. Joanna Lawn   9:26:47
5. Rebecca Preston   9:26:55
6. Rebekah Keat   9:27:19
7. Dede Griesbauer   9:33:34
8. Leanda Cave   9:36:10
9. Belinda Granger   9:37:54
10. Erika Csomor   9:39:47







Ironman age group qualifiers waiting for the starter at the Ironman World Championships. 










The images above were provided by Lee Shelly.




The next 10 images below were all provided by Scott Wilson, who captured the moment between working at his local triathlon clubs aid station.





Chris McCormack working hard on the bike.






Marino Vanhoenacker keeping in close contention.


















Marcus Resslar.










Electrolyte replacement in the heat is essential.










Torbjorn Sindballe.

A perennial monster on the bike, he again came off the bike 1st and this year he managed to hold on for 3rd overall. 




Tom Evans.












It is volunteers like this local triathlon club group in the images above and below, that really make an event.



























All the photos below are by Lee Shelly.








Unbelievable, racing hard out in such a long race.









Flying around the hot corner.










Michellie Jones .

Last year's winner pulled out at mile 90 of the bike. :-( 





Tim Deboom.

Today 4th would have to be good enough.










Craig Alexander coming into transition;

surprised to see him not wearing an aero helmet as they have been shown to reduce times by as much as 15sec over a 40km time trial. ;









Torbjorn Sindballe.






Marino Vanhoenacker

A good day out and 5th overall today.









Kate Major.

Took out the 3rd overall in the womans race.




Leanda Cave.

Took the 8th overall womans.

Up until recent times still competing in olympic distance triathlons like the second placed woman Samantha McClone.








Chris Lieto was 6th overall and just 10 mins back from the winning time.





Craig Alexander would finish in 2nd place overall, just 3min 30sec back.












Eventual winner Chris McCormack looking strong and fresh on the marathon at the 2007 Ironman World Championships. 

Marathon completed in just over 2 hours and 42mins!













Chrissie Wellington.

In just her 2nd Ironman, she won going away. She smiled the whole way around the course and showed a style that was refreshing. 











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