2007 Ironman Coeur d'Alene.


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Ukranian Victor Zyemtsev moments after taking out the number one place.



1st 08:33:32 ZYEMTSEV, VICTOR MPRO 1/21
2nd 08:34:34 EVANS, TOM MPRO 2/21
3rd 08:40:39 LOVATO, MICHAEL MPRO 3/21
4th 08:46:11 BLAKE, JASPER MPRO 4/21
5th 08:46:38 RHODES, BRYAN MPRO 5/21
6th 08:53:43 MCKENZIE, LUKE MPRO 6/21
7th 08:56:53 JENSEN, ADAM MPRO 7/21
8th 09:06:40 VANCE, JIM MPRO 8/21
9th 09:14:41 SUNDBERG, SWEN MPRO 9/21
10th 09:16:09 EDWARDS, BILLY MPRO 10/21




Close on 2200 participants line the shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene prior to the event start.  Of all the starters 95% would go on to complete the Ironman, including nearly 1,000 first timers.





A female elite pro looks over the lake in anticipation to the start of a big day.









Contenders enter the choppy water of lake Coeur d'Alene.

Rough water conditions prompted race organizers to offer contestants the option to skip the swim and do a duathlon.


















William Wren of Virginia, finishing the first lap of the swim course.



























Julie Lorio of Georgia, USA in lap two of the bike course.







Michael Egan from Florida approaching downtown Coeur d'Alene and the end of lap one.







Victor Zyemtsev transitioning from bike with a 8:00 deficit to make up from the first off the bike.  He would go on to win the event for the second time.






Michael Lovato making a hasty transition from bikes.  Lovato came back from a six-minute deficit on swim and 5th fastest bike to take third in the 2007 Coeud d'Alene.

 Lovato won the race in 2003.













































Billy Edwards of Virginia.


















Ukranian Victor Zyemtsev took the race in the last mile from Canadian Tom Evans.








Michael Lovato from Boulder Colorado took out 3rd in 8hr:40:39.




All photo's on this event page were taken by Mike Bullington from www.outdoorwest.com