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'Ironman Arizona'


Photos by Jan Miller unless otherwise stated.








Episode 137 is good to listen to while viewing this.

Plenty of discussion on 'Ironman Arizona' and more.





Top 10 men

1. Andreas Raelert (GER) 8:14:16

2. Chris Lieto (USA) 8:19:25

3. Jordan Rapp (USA) 8:19:45

4. Jozsef Major (HUN) 8:21:34
5. Jan Raphael (GER) 8:23:03
6. Ben Hoffman (USA) 8:24:13
7. Paul Amey (AUS) 8:27:20
8. Petr Vabrousek (CZE) 8:28:09
9. Frederik Van Lierde (BEL) 8:34:34
10. Chris Brown (CAN) 8:39:18


Top 10 women

1. Heleen Bij De Vaate (NED) 9:21:06

2. Leanda Cave (GBR) 9:25:07

3. Edith Niederfriniger (ITA) 9:28:09

4. Kim Loeffler (USA) 9:33:54
5. Tove Wiklund (SWE) 9:44:44
6. Haley Cooper (USA) 9:45:59
7. Ana Lidia Borba (BRA) 9:48:03
8. Camilla Lindholm (SWE) 9:50:23
9. Imke Schiersch (GER) 9:53:14
10. Meredith Brooke Keeran (USA) 9:56:41




Pre race anticipation.

Good to see some sleeveless wetsuits. Have tried both types and both are equally good although if it is cold go for the full sleeves.










The swim start.

The event starts in low light and will finish the same way.








The first swimmers nearing the swim exit.


Thanks to 'Cactus Triathlete' of 'Flowing Desert Photography' for the above photo above. hoto .









Some swimmers happy to be making it through T1.







A bit of assistance here to get the wetsuit off.







Feeling good so far, but the day is about to get more serious.


Some race commentary.









Over 2000 bikes ready to fly.








Thanks to 'Cactus Triathlete' of 'Flowing Desert Photography' for the photo directly above and the next 4 cycle photos.


Andreas Raelert above wins.

This was the first win over the ironman distance for Andreas Raelert who is better known for success in the Olympic ITU distance races.







But the gutsy effort of the day went to Kiwi Kieren Doe(above), who lead during the bike but was in severe pain with a lower leg injury.

He still placed 22nd overall and run 18miles with just his socks.







Petr Vabrousek takes 8th in 8hr 28min 09sec.

He always deserves a mention as he competed in 14 ironmans or so in the last year as a professional, which no-one else comes close to. H





Kim Loeffler took 4th.








Great action captured at 'full tilt'.








Looking good and going hard out.








It couldn't be done without all the well dressed workers behind the scenes.






Thanks to 'Kewllewk' for the next 5 run images below.

Heleen Bij De Vaate from the Netherlandstook first woman in 9hr 21min 06sec.







Chris Lieto of the USA takes 2nd in 8hr 19min 25sec.






Jordan Rapp of the USA takes 3rd in 8hr 19min 45sec.








Tove Wiklund from Sweden made the trip worthwhile with a respectable 5th.







This would have been handy for some from what I have seen before.






Sponges to cool off make a difference.






This would have been handy for some from what I have experienced before.








The evening is getting closer.






It takes alot of courage to keep going in long endurance events like this..... great stuff..... and it couldn't be done without great volunteers.






This website is about photography as much as endurance sport so for those that are interested in this photo technique click here, and read about 'Slow sync Flash'.









Another big thanks for the great photos by Jan Miller (unless otherwise stated).

It looked like Jan was there supporting the 'Landis' team shown above.













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