A half day with 'Epic Camp'












Last day and it is a race. First a swim across this lake and back then a ride to the ski base of the peak in the distance followed by a run to the peak.

A good days training I reckon; oh yeah they began with a warm-up ride of 20kms or so to the lake.







Gordo and Monica giving some directions on the race course across Lake Hayes.


This is the first of 3 images provided by the 'Epic Camp' team.

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Swimmers on the way back from the return journey to the otherside(a good 2100m swim).


This is the second of 3 images provided by the 'Epic Camp' team.

The above link has more photos and is the home page of 'Epic camp'.






S The first of the 'Epic camp' coming into sight. It is steeper than it looks.







John Newsom leading the way. John was one of Epic camp organisers alongside Gordo and Scott.
















hat That would be Albert.

He took out the jersey competition for the leading most consistently at the camp I understand.

Great guy and understand it was his third 'Epic camp'.







Always the 'Remarkable Mountains' with some local wildlife.


















Was a good day out for me.

My camera skills needed a bit of refreshing and the images got sharper as the day went by.






































This is what they do in their spare time for fun?

These guys are tough but that really goes with out saying.







It doesn't look to far from here and even looks like some downhill.

This image was taken from about half of the way up from where the cycle photos were taken.

After being motivated by watching them all cycle past I decided to run to the base. Caught up with a few of them after they had completed the run right to the summit.






Put this page up for the 'Epic camp' guys to get some more images if they would like.

A huge thanks to them for letting me do a swim with them and checking it all out.






Heres a bit I wrote in my blog soon after it:



'Epic Camp' looks tough(great).



Caught up with the 'Epic Camp' crew on the last day of there N.Z tour and was impressed.

Did a swim with them then took some photos of them racing up Coronet Peak.


It was inspirational so after they had gone by I ran up Coronet to the ski base to check it out. There was Gordo having a sit down so I asked where the rest were and he said they were still due back from running to the summit(he was first back?).
Didn't realise they were going to race on foot to the summit so was a bit amazed, and said so. At the time thought they had run back down, and that would be the hardest part in my mind(just rough tracks). Read their blogs the next day and see they actually caught the ski lift back down to the base, so I was relieved for them.
Knowing all the terrain the 'Epic team' talk about on their blogs it sounds manageable, but cycling mountains in France sounds tougher again.

Really want to do an 'Epic camp' so this was a driving reason to catch up with them.
Think I will try and go a bit faster in my next(2nd) ironman then get along.

By the way the man who organised the world champs event at this lake in 2003 and who has been running tri's there since 1983 told me on Monday the swim across is 1020m-1050m depending where you measure it.

The first group including Gordo's wife Monica did it in 25mins or so and I was 5 mins back. Still faster than I do it by myself.







Photo taken at the ski base, from where the run section of the race began to the summit.

Pictured here are 2 of the 'Epic Camp' organisers and also the first back, John Newsom(right) and Gordo Byrn(left).


This image is the third of 3 images provided by the 'Epic Camp' team.

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