Tour of Southland 2008


Photos by Triathlon Shots.



The 'Tour of Southland' covers 1100kms made up of 9 stages and runs for 6days(3rd to 8th November).

Here is a link to the official homepage of the 'Tour of Southland' .





The event page begins with a look at the finish of Stage 5.

All the photos below were taken in Winton(N.Z), including the one from my bedroom window(immediately below).

The weather on this day was the worst that they had experienced it the 52 years the event.

This is what I woke up to on the day stages 4 and 5 were held, over a combined distance of about 150kms(it was shortened by about 35kms due to the weather).

Am a couple of months out from 'Challenge Wanaka' and this was a no cycle day for me. Well i did get out the wind trainer and managed a swim.







Some of the straggling groups about to cross the line shown above and the 3 photos below









More stragglers, The weather really stretched the field out but the top cyclists used this day to make breaks at the front.

Has been a few months since photographing an event and I was working overtime as the light dropped.





Hayden Roulston pictured here is currently second placed half way through the 2008 tour.

He has won the last 2 tours of Southland and also picked up 2 medals at the Beijing Olympic games for cycling.




Another catoegory leader getting to pull on the official red poker dot shirt.





Some of the typical weather on the day.

Local MP and previous prime minster candidate is center picture, awaiting to be part of the presentations.







Current tour leader Gordon McCauley pictured here in the yellow jersey.

Gordon has also won 2 previous 'Tour of Southland' events and was relishing the tough conditions.

Another category leader and coping well today. Well maybe he is used to it coming from Canada ?








The following images were taken 2 days later at the same location of the above images.

They are taken at the beginning of stage 7.

The cyclist warming up is local man Jamie Whyte who is specialising in longer distance triathlons(6th at Hawaii 70.3 this year).

He is following in the footsteps of elite triathlete Chris Gemmel who also did the 'Tour of Southland' about 7 years ago as build-up.






The sidewalks of Winton become a cycle pit stop for the guys(above and below).






That would be a Cervelo getting some mechanical work done on it.

My hands were freezing while taking this photo, so no surprise to see this cyclist putting some plastic surgical gloves under his cycle gloves.








Current leader Gordon Mccauley at the start of stage 7.








Warming up above and below.








Awaiting the 10am start.

The rain has stopped so things were looking up.





Tour leader at right of photo with black vest over the yellow jersey.

Hayden Roulston in second getting in some pre-race nutrition.







Unfortunately thats all I have as the get underway.

Well had to get back to my day job. was thinking all the way to work whether I could do this myself..... ummmmm?




The first day started with a team time trial. Next year i will have to venture out a bit more to photograph it.




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