Salford ITU World Cup Triathlon,

Manchester, England.


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Third, first and second in the elite womans ITU race, enjoying the moment.


2007 Salford BG Triathlon World Cup Elite Women Results

1. FERNANDES, Vanessa (POR) 2:02:59
2. WARRINER, Samantha (NZL) 2:03:17 +:19
3. ALLEN, Kate (AUT) 2:03:23 +:25
4. WHITCOMBE, Andrea (GBR) 2:03:59 +1:01
5. NIWATA, Kiyomi (JPN) 2:04:02 +1:04
6. DENSHAM, Erin (AUS) 2:04:14 +1:16
7. TANNER, Debbie (NZL) 2:04:30 +1:32
8. PEON, Carole (FRA) 2:04:30 +1:32
9. GROVES, Lauren (CAN) 2:04:33 +1:35
10. SPIRIG, Nicola (SUI) 2:04:38 +1:40





Good pre-race preparation is all important.












The theme for this event page is some black & white photography.

It should result in a bit more focus on the photos main subjects.















It was a closely contested race for the first swim prime. One of the athletes(above) was clearly in front but took a slight wrong turn just prior to the 750m mark.































Lang from Great Britain doing the local crowd proud by being first out of transition one.










Manchester United football ground comprises the background for this image and the two below.














In the foreground are some 'Red Cross' people, making up just some of the many volunteers who were on hand to help out during the day.
















At left is the first cycle group(main peleton).

Both the above images are taken from reflections off a roadside building.




Fernandes has already made a good break in the first lap that would be held to the finish.

















A steady upper body shows a good controlled running style.






The great triathlete Vanessa Fernandes from Portugal.






The womans podium look towards the raising of their representative country flags(below), as the national anthem of Portugal sounds out.



The British people put on a well organised event and they even managed to turn the sunshine on, which was great.








The champagne really flowed after this well run event





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