'Contact Energy' Triathlon/

N.Z. National Champs.

Photos by 'TriathlonShots'



March 14th 2009

Standard Distance - 1.5km swim , 40km bike, 10km run



The swim course was directly in front of the yachts and the bike transition was within the red fence in the foreground. This was the view from the room I stayed in.






Bike transition ; alot of the bikes are from the age grouper races which started 3hrs before the elites.

I competed in the age group race and it was superb. The water felt warm and it was very calm/sheltered. The organisers had plenty of alternative swim courses if it was choppy which I thought was great.






Bevan Docherty's bike up close.





Mens elite race photos first then the womans elite race.


Elite Men

1st Bevan Docherty (Taupo) 1:52:59

2nd Clark Ellice (New Plymouth) 1:53:19

3rd Graham O'Grady (Hamilton) 1:53:26




U23 Men

1st Tony Dodds (Wanaka) 1:53:49

2nd Ryan Sissons (Auckland) 1:53:54

3rd Jos Hoetjes (Christchurch) 1:54:09













go, go, go.....................









The first swimmers out are just about to exit transition 1.












The above image was taken with a fisheye lens.

Power wires don't really loop upwards.






























Was trying to get the guy in the kilt in another photo so it is just chance to get him in this image.

Well I like to see the traditional Scottish kilt/clothing in N.Z.







Wellington's Martin van Barneveld lead out early in the run

He would take the overall N.Z tri series for 2009 after finshing consistently in the top 6 throughout the series.








Two times olympic medalist and previous ITU world champion Bevan Docherty took it out 1st in style.









Womans elite race photos below.



Elite Women


1st Debbie Tanner (Auckland) 2:04:54

2nd Nikki Samuels (Wanaka) 2:05:07

3rd Kate McIlroy (Wgtn) 2:08:33





U23 Women

1st Rebecca Spence (Auckland) 2:06:06

2nd Jackie Seebold (Auckland) 2:09:58











The number of woman entered is alot less than the men ; there are two starting out wide.

The above image was taken with a fisheye lens to show a bit of the New zealand capital city.







The lead 3 woman made a decent break away.







The next group of woman chasing hard.








Well was trying to show the 'Inter Islander' ferry in the background which travels daily between Wellington and Picton.

The thought was there but the brain was probably still recovering from racing earlier in the morning, so the image didn't turn out as I wanted.









Kate McIlroy was racing in her home town. She took out the world mountain running champs held in Wellington a few years back.

My taxi driver today told me she has had a achilles injury so a change from pure running was in order.

Well it sounds about right. ww



Debbie Tanner with Nikki Samuels in the background who would finish just 13 sec back today.























Nikki Samuels would have to settle for 2nd today, however she took out the overall N.Z tri series trophy for 2009.


There were not so many international triathlets racing on this day however they were all welcome.

Quite a few prominant ITU athletes from around the world made it to Auckland for one of the other contact series races a few weeks back.




Well you have to be pretty good to win this national champs elite category.

And that was with a couple of notable admissions from the race.








Wide angle of age group prize giving.

It was one of the better prize givings with plenty of entertainment.





My age group. Stephen Sheldrake was in a class of his own and beat all other age groupers by 2 1/2mins.

Apparently the lead swimmers were taken the wrong way so 1hr 57mins with no drafting is fast.

Will update how I found the race on my blog soon.


he announcer





The best of this age group; they look fit.






Alec Hill and Anthony Sepie(above), have both raced regularly in the men's 75 to 79 age group.

The two received a rousing ovation from the crowd and they deserve it.









Goodnight from Wellington(New Zealands capital city).


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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