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Longest day 'Coast to Coast'

Kayak & Finish, N.Z




Individual Men




The support crews waiting patiently. The assistants wait back 50m's from the river until the athlete they support get to the bridge in the background. It works well and is very orderly.  







Gordon Walker eating and gearing up as he walks to his waiting kayak.

While walking down to the kayak transition I briefly spoke with the guy pictured at the front here. Explained to him how I had missed Richard Usher as didn't expect him to be here so fast. Also said how he was almost like sprinting at the first river crossing.

Anyway he said last year while supporting Gordon Walker he went down the 1km hill with him and was having to sprint to keep up also.

Basically these guys are flying all day. This years race was great as there was always the chance that Walker might catch Usher and at the time of this image the gap was only 10mins.

After resting for an hour I got out and chatted to one of Emily Miazga's support crew in the car adjacent mine. When I asked how long to they might come in, she said Richard Usher had just gone by.

She was very nice and had already given me a wonderful 'Em's Power Cookie , and it didn't last long.

Was very grateful and had done my time calculations based on the men taking 3 hours for the run(wrong).






Gordon Walker in hot pursuit of Usher. 







Jacob Roberts from Christchurch. 







Dick Brunton paced himself well to take the coveted 3rd placing. 








Brunton's drink system was playing up and looked to take several minutes to rectify. Apparently he didn't get it going to halfway through the kayak section, so imagine he was quite relieved.

The placement of some food stuck to the paddle looks useful also.  








Marc Pschebizen did well and placed 15th overall.

His kayak paddling technique(below) looked a bit wobbly to begin, but this was partly due to his kayak being a bit grounded to begin.

If you are in need of a support crew there is an option for this on the 'Coast to Coast' site and understand Marc used this option being from Germany.  














Gregory Taylor still going strong with those same running shoes(maybe he changed them after the run).  








Mike Kelly from Ireland looking good on the way to placing 5th . 








Anna Bethelsen. 







Jeannie Bomford. 








Fleur Pawsey pictured here is 3mins 47secs ahead of Emily Miazga at the start of the kayak, as pictured here.

Have all the times down to a 10th of a second attached to each digital photo file and took some images in the exact some spot.







Sam Goodall. 








Some zooming lens effect. 







All the focus here on the essential and technical looking drink system. 







Support crews are allowed to give alot of assistance at the transitions allowing the athletes time to refuel.  








Good assistants are important to do well. 








The energy drinks system is crucial and come in a huge variety. 





One of the leading veteran woman. 





Going well. 







Coming into the kayak/bike transition. 








Richard Usher only meters away from the end of the 67km kayak section and still with just over a 10min gap back to Gordon Walker.







Results of individual one day competitors.






1. Richard Ussher       Nelson y 11hr:3min: 54sec

2. Gordon Walker      Auckland y 11hr: 24min:1sec

3. Dick Brunton        Christchurch yjjjjyyyyyyyyyyy yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyy yyyyy







1. Emily Miazga       Canada yyyyy 13hr:18min:2sec

2. Fleur Pawsey     Wellington yy 13hr:18min:46sec

3. Rachel Cashin uuTaumarunui uuu uuuuuuuuuuuuu yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy








Richard Usher soon after taking out the 2008 'Coast to Coast'.

Richard is shown here shaking hands with the race director Robin Judkin's who started this event back in 1983.

This image was taken in the same style as the one directly below, which is the reason the event winner is most in focus.







Gordon Walker surrounded by the media. In the previous year he managed to defeat Usher but it wasn't meant to be this time. 








Dick Brunton crossing the line in 3rd. 





Great support for police education officer Dick Brunton. There were at least 3 different support banners for him.








Mike Kelly took out 5th Place. 









Marc Pschebizen did well and placed 15th overall. A great effort after taking out the 'Challenge Wanaka' iron distance title only 3 weeks prior. 









Emily Miazga celebrating a second victory at this event. 








Fleur Pawsey was 44sec back in 2nd place. 








Rachel Cashin was 2min back from Pawsey in 3rd. 





Above is a link to some great multisport coaching options.








A couple more one day finishers who looked to have made good times.. 








Adam Gausel from Nelson had a great race so the support must have helped.









Mike Ward pictured here has completed the 'Coast to Coast' every year since its inception back in 1983. It must be good for you as he is looking very fit at 65 years old.

Many years like this year he has done it as a 2 day individual and he completed the final cycle leg on one of those sit down bikes.

Originally there were no rules on bike types or alterations to them(ecept motors), but this rule changed after Steve Gurney created a aerodynamic pod one year.

Not sure of all the rules today.







Anna Bethelsen from Northland was fourth across the line in the womans one day event, and not far off the first 3 woman home.





This is a great event and the course is hard to beat. The entry fee of $900 for individuals is expensive for the typical New Zealander however.


The prize money for first place is $10,000 NZD which is not much considering the title on the race bibs says it is the 'World Multisport Championships'.






Most of the images have been reduced in quality from the original photos and the image above is a good example of a file that has been reduced in size(from 8820kb to 123kb).

To protect the images on this site in future they will be reduced in file size(or reduced pixels if you like). This should also help the pages load faster.





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