'Challenge Wanaka' 2009,

Iron-Distance Triathlon, N.Z.


A big thankyou to my sister and Greg Clode for taking the raceday photos below.





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There were 140 individuals entered including the pros.

There were another 337 people entered in the teams section which started 2 hours after the individuals.





The last drops of rain were falling during the swim.

It was notable because there had been torrential like rains the night before.




The lake was looking good at this stage but it did rough up a bit over the next hour.

Still it was a nice swim, but made easier if you managed to get onto some feet in front.









Away in the clear warm 18 degrees water.

There was a bit of chop on the water so most swim times were down 4 minutes from the previous year.








First swimmer coming in was an age grouper and the pros are in the background.

You can make out a bit of the swimming conditions by looking at the pros coming in behind.






Gina Ferguson was first woman out, alongside Luke who was first pro in the mens race out.







Chris MacDonald shown here explained after the race to me how he got flushed out by Luke Dragstra and another in the swim. he was disapointed with his swim so he hammered it on the bike.





















Garth Barfoot








Garth being interviewed after the first discipline of the day.

He also said he gave his wife a ring in the swim/bike transition.













The race director from Roth(Felix), completed the iron-distance as an individual.


Update 28/1/2009; I see Felix also did the Lake Dunstan triathlon as a bit of preparation. Have done this small triathlon myself the past few years and it is useful.








Having a good ride in the cool conditions.












Sid first in the 40-50 year age group in sub 10 hours









2nd, Keegan Williams









3rd, Petr Vabrousic








Justin Daer had the fastest bike split of the day in just over 4 hours 45mins.









Chris McDonald had the 2nd fastest bike split of the day in just 17sec behind his mate Justin.

They went through the first 80kms in 1hr 55mins. The course does get harder after that however.














1st, Gina Ferguson









3rd, Hillary Biscay



2nd, Merryn Johnstone




This guy finished at the front of the field of in the age groups.







Justin Daer was first through transition




Gina was first woman through transition








2nd, Keegan Williams






3rd, Petr Vabrousic









1st, Chris MacDonald in new course record time(above and below)




Out of interest the prize money for the first place getters was $11,000 NZD (so I was informed). To get the place prize money you have to be within a certain percentage of time from the winners time.













2008 winner of this event







2007 winner of this event






3rd, Petr Vabrousic


















Gina taking it out in another record quick time, 5mins faster than she set the year prior












The team made up of the great guys from 'IronmanTalk'

John center photo was 3rd pro in the inaugaural event


















Getting married tomorow!

Great spirit to turn up here and race the whole distance the day before





The 230 years of 'life experience' team above completed it in just under 15hours

The above image can be viewed on the News/Results page; something has gone wrong with it here due to a software defect.









Garth Barfoot did the race today in just under 17 1/2 hrs.

Not bad for 73 years old.

The cut-off was 17 1/2 hours and the conditions got a bit more windy as the day went on, so those out on the course longer did a harder race in that respect.







Mens Pros



1st Chris McDonald (AUS) 8.37.41 (57.12/4.45.34/2.51.33)


2nd Keegan Williams (NZL) 8.44.08 (54.41/4.55.04/2.50.41)


3rd Petr Vabrousek (CZE) 8.44.38 (57.09/4.55.42/2.48.25)


4th Justin Daerr (USA) 8:47:47

5th Marc Pschebizin (GER) 8:53:36 5

6th Luke Dragstra (CAN) 8:58:26

7th Axel Reiser (GER) 9:02:33

8th Justin Granger (AUS) 9:19:16


The above were those that went on stage to recieve awards. To get the prize money the pros have to be within a certain time percentage of the winners.


In the end Richard Usher didn't race. Am not sure of the details as thought he had entered, but was dissapointed not to see him out there. He would have added another dimension to it so will have to find out more.






Womans Pros


1st Gina Ferguson (NZL) 9.28.27 (54.34/5.14.28/3.15.19)


2nd Merryn Johnston (NZL) 10.03.56


3rd Hillary Biscay (USA) 10.16.39 







It was hurting for the last few Kilometers!

'No pain, no gain'


To read more detail of how I found the race you can click here or the event pages 'ironman training' links.






To visit the official 'Challenge Wanaka' website click here


Next year the organisers are introducing the option of a half 'iron-distance event also, which sounds good!








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