'Challenge Roth'



Theses photos were taken by three different photographers.





A series of 7 photos taken the day before the race shown to begin this page :

Well prepared for the raceday!











































Looking over the swim course and T1 to the right.


Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the swim in action. My excuse was that doing the event required enough energy on the day ; well that is part of the reason.

Will be looking out to get some swim images for this page though.



But here is clip which has the swim start :

The above clip above was made for promotional purposes.

I thought it was a bit much but my friend who doesn't do triathlons thought it was nice and great to see those celebrating who were just happy to finish.









This was the most beers lined up in one place along the cycle course.

Quelle is doing a great job sponsoring the race so hope people support them in return.
























Nutrition is essential.






Put this one in to show the officials who were looking out for drafting violations from a motorbike.

There looks like a little bit of drafting in this photo but while doing the race on this day I thought the drafting was minimal.















Nice in white and black?







Church still goes on, but Saturday instead of Sunday.

The above sign is a bit of German humour I think(considering it is up on the Sunday).







Roth/Germany, July 12th 2009




1. Michael Goehner (GER) 7:55:53

2. Pete Jacobs (AUS) 8:02:01

3. Richard Ussher (NZL) 8:02:15

4. Normann Stadler (GER) 8:03:43
5. Patrick Vernay (FRA) 8:03:46
6. Olaf Sabatschus (GER) 8:06:01
7, Raynard Tissink (RSA) 8:07:18
8. Swen Sundberg (GER) 8:07:50
9. Luke Dragstra (CAN) 8:13:51
10. Petr Vabrousek (CZE) 8:15:13



1. Chrissie Wellington (GBR) 8:31:569

2. Rebekah Keat (AUS) 8:39:24

3. Catriona Morrison (SCO) 8:48:11

4. Erika Csomor (HUN)8:58:42
5. Belinda Granger (AUS) 9:12:12





Sorry no good images on this page of the winner Michael Goehner.

But I will try and get one!




Pete Jacobs 2nd today overall.

In the mens race it was Australia's Pete Jacobs who lead out early putting a decent gap into the field in the swim.








3rd today for Richard Ussher (NZL) 8:02:15


Richard Ussher's 3rd place would have surprised a few people.

But for those in his home of New Zealand who have watched his move from long distance multisport to triathlon it is no surprise.

Watch out for him at Kona this year, but a top 10 will be a good result first time up.




4th today for Normann Stadler (GER) 8:03:43


Normann Sadler put the fastest bike split in of the day in just 4hrs and 14mins 42seconds, a time which is just seconds outside the course record.

The course record is held by Jurgen Zack who took a few seconds off Thomas Hellreigers best time(but Hellrigers time included the bike transition and was also 400meters longer due to change in the bike/run transition area after his time was set).










Chrissie Wellington breaking the world record at Roth.

The German television clips only showed her smiling as she 'blew away' the old record by roughly 13 minutes.

It is nice to see she wasn't smiling all the way as I was out there doing the whole thing and it wasn't as easy as the television coverage made it look.







Also in the womans race Scotland's Catriona Morrison(above), put out a really fast time for her first time over this distance to take 3rd place.








One of this editors favourite pros to follow Petr Vabrousek (CZE), who took 10th place today in 8:15:13


Petr Vabrousek's string of top 10 results in the past years is the most consistant of any triathlete over this distance and is pretty incredible given the high calibre of this field.






Choge pictured above was the runner for the winning relay team.

There was a relay event run on the same day, and the fastest team had an overall time of just 7:04:56.

The splits were a 0:45:55 swim , a bike of 3:59:11.and a 2:17:11 run !
















The run was mostly off-road along a canal and there was a few nice bush lined parts also.

























A relay team runner having a beer.

It is definitely a beer!








John Smart from New Zealand still going strong at 60 years old.

The oldest team in Roth was also from my home country of NZ and the three men had a combined age of 229 years.








The blue ORCA trisuit is the same as the ones for sale on this site and the thumbs up from me is to all thoses who have bought tri-suits/clothing or subscriptions from this site.

The race was o.k considering my training preparation and if you are interested how it went for me you can read my blog.

Have to say the ORCA tri-suit above was great and there are only a few left for sale. The same style is also available for woman on the page links above. There will also be a few more mens trisuits of this style made available in all sizes later in August.









Finish line photo ; that would do for my dream car above.






( The next 2 photos coutesy of 'Silanov')

The crowd goes wild for Petr Vabrousek who took 10th place







Chrissie Wellington shown here at the finish area has broken the world record for this distance at Roth.















A couple of finishers late in the day.

Are those compression socks to the left?







The race expo seemed to be at least twice as big as Frankfurt and everything was there.








Another part of the race expo.

My bike (left) and the endless pool(background).





My reflection on the event is that it was my best triathlon experience to date. That was in part due to all the great support I had which helped me complete the event and the fact that I combined it with a holiday. No one can do this sort of thing without some background help.

I even got the chance to talk with Thomas Helreiger because he was in the house next door to where I stayed ; he is the previous record holder of bike times on this course and Kona and past ironman world champion. He is about the same age as me so I expect he will be racing some more. He did tell me he did a 45km bike ride the day before the race as well as a light run.

Helreiger's record bike time for this course would still be in place if the course wsn't shortened by 400meters and if the transtion time wasn't included in his record time.









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