Coral Coast Triathlon, Cairns, Australia.

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Preparing for the day ahead.

Another typically calm and hot day in Cairns for the middle of Winter.







Away in the calm 1500m sea swim to begin.

The swim area was netted of as can be seen in the photos(to keep the crocadiles out).









'The Croc' Brad Bevan shown here had a good lead out of the water.

He did the first event here 27 years ago and the organisers told me it was the longest running triathlon in Australia.




















The 40km cycle was 4 laps around downtown Cairns.






















First out and eventual winner on the 4 lap 10km run.






'The Croc' Brad Bevan did the first event here 27 years ago.


Brad Bevan is a name I am familiar with who was one of the top professionals in the world some years back.

The comentators at the event said he was just a few weeks away from turning 40 years old so a a 2hr olympic distance time with no drafting is still fast.




Some nice boats tied up in the harbour from all over the world including my one pictured.

Well my dream boat that is.......



Will have some triathlon suits for sale again in a months time so hope you find time to check back!








The Cairns harbour pictured here where all the boats leave for the 'Great Barrier reef' trips.


Here are some images of the marine life on the 'Great Barrier reef ' if that is your sort of interest.



Peter Loveridge 1st in a slick time.






Peter Loveridge(1st) and Justin Cole(2nd) shaking hands, and Brad Bevan pictured below wasn't far behind in 3rd.





Post race interviews. Brad bevan acknowledged that he was a losing aplace each year now as he was 2nd last year and first the year before(and 1st many other years).

The organisers said he was given the 'number 1' as he was the races ambassidor.






First woman.



What a great day put on by the city of Cairns in conjunction with the 'Cairns croc triathlon' club.

There was a separate 1km swim that was held an hour before the triathlon kicked off. There was also a 2.5km and 10km fun run later in the day which I took part in. It was great and very hot for the 2 lap 10km run along the esplanade at 3pm in the afternoon.

I caught up with some fellow Kiwis Gina Ferguson and her partner after the 10km run. She was in Cairns doing some preparation for the Ironman World Champs on October 11th.



And below is a series of photos to show off some more of this great course and beautiful city.

Triathletes at left with a white water display being put on as part of the Cairns festival.





It was close to 30 degrees celcius so this guy was lucky to get a shower from a guy washing the paths down.








And below a couple of images of the local wildlife.

There will be a page up soon here of a variety of the native wildlife of Australia.


Taken from the wild on Magnetic Island.






The Cairns croc triathlon club have many regular events for anyone who ventures up to 'far North Queensland'.

There a 2 great outdoor 50m pools in Cairns to train in, but be careful if swimming in the sea as there are a few critters that could get you out there including the 'salt water Crocodiles' on the coastal waters.






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