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This is a new page(30/4/2008), so here are some ideas to explain things.


Obviously 'TriathlonShots' has alot more photos of individual athletes than is displayed on this website. I have endeavoured to hold all original files of all decent photos taken on a separate hard drive to my work computers. These photos are available also and you can see them by contacting me at 'Triathlonshots@hotmail.com'.

'TriathlonShots' has been selling some images and the rates vary depending on want them for. For example an individuals photo collection versus media usage.

Pricing photos is not straight forward. This is because it depends on the photos intended purpose.

Photos can vary in price depending on there rarity and quality also.

At the moment 'TriathlonShots' has just negotiated with different companies on an individual basis.

Other points which maybe of interest :

-'TriathlonShots.com' was primarilly set-up to sell and promote my images. Photos on event pages taken by myself are recognisable in that they have the name 'Grant' mentioned at the top of the page.

-Where images are not taken by myself the photographer is recognised at the top of the event page. Occasionally individual images have been sourced elsewhere and these will be indicated also. 

-All images from the site are under copyright and there use/purchase can be negotiated by contacting myself. 

-All images taken by myself are available for various forms of media advertising and most other uses.

-I am happy to negotiate arrangement for the 'originals of all photos displayed on this site to be onsold. However, at this stage where the contact details of the photographer are present on the events page, it is your choice/preference whether to contact them directly.  

Please ask if you have any further queries.  

Becoming a stock photo outlet and promoter for several(or more) great photographers of specific sports photos is an avenue that this site is considering. Several good contacts have already been established.


Hope the above helps,   from Grant.



Photography and copyright.


As is stated on all web pages and the home page of this site all images are under copyright. Have said people can use them for screen savers, but am starting to see some turning up on peoples blogs.

I see someone using alot of triathlonshots images on their personal blog(without prior agreement) as a breach of copyright.

All images on this site(triathlonshots), have either been taken by myself, been paid for or have been used with permission of the photographer. I am trying to differentiate this site from others with lots of triathlon images by having very interesting quality images.

I cannot give anyone permission to use the photos taken by someone other than myself.

Some of my images have been used on commercial websites and magazines with agreements.

This site was definitely not set-up to undermine or reduce the value of photographers work! Rather it the promotion of photography and photographers which is part of 'TriathlonShots' aim.

I did start encrypting all my pages so the only way people could easilly use them was to take a photo of the screen. You can also take a photo of a photo in a magazine but it is still also a breach of copyright.

If people ask to use a few images taken by myself, I am usually very happy to oblidge if in return they put a link to my website.

I stopped using the encryption software for a while because it prevented people using 'Apples photo programmes', from seeing the images. And as I found out many of the top professional photographers use this software and would like them to be able to see the images.

Here is a link to an encrypted page:

Ironman Coeur d'Alene ..............................note to myself FIX THIS LINK

These are top quality images and I will have to go back to encrypting them. It does stop me from updating or editing the pages once they have been encrypted which is annoying. Did have everything encrypted and in May 2008 it went 'haywire'. So have to redo it, which is no big deal but will need a faster server than I am currently using.

The other thing will be to start using lower resolution images. Also will start putting my website address on all the images.

Obviously I will chase up anyone who uses images from this site without agreement.

I do see the internet as being an important part in the of promoting triathlon so that is my reason for continuing with this site at present.

The aim/hope is that many viewers will continue to come back and view the updated event photos. Regular updates are planned for this year.

- some photographs used on the site could be described as slightly overexposed. While travelling around I have come across many older computers being used with lower quality screens and images that were darker or even slightly underexposed were not showing up well. So made the conscious choice to slightly overexpose many images for this site.


Photography and this site continued:

Some of the photos I have sourced for this site are outstanding in my eyes and an example are those of the Australian XPD event. There are many others also which inspire me just as much for showing an event off in great style. As a photographer I can see progress in my own results from committing all my time to it while travelling for 5 months in 2007. Some of my own series of images which I am happy with were those taken of the Junior World Champs in Hamburg.

Have used the photo.net to get feedback on my images I'm most happy with, and it does show there is diversity of opinion on what is a great image.








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