Beijing ITU World Cup, China.



Photos by Grant Baird /




Men confirmed to start at 2008 Olympic Games.


The numbers are the final ITU rankings from 2007.

47    Agoston    Simon    AUT
4      Albert    Marko    EST
11    Atkinson    Courtney    AUS
38    Belaubre    Frederic    FRA

2      Berk    Sander    NED
55    Bockel    Dirk    LUX
35    Brownlee    Alistair    GBR
24    Brukhankov    Alexander    RUS

36    Clarke    William    GBR
7      Colucci    Reinaldo    BRA
17    Croes    Peter    BEL
9      D'Aquino    Emilio    ITA

1      De Villiers    Hendrik    RSA
27    Docherty    Bevan    NZL
37    Don    Tim    GBR
20    Felgate    Christopher    ZIM

10    Fontana    Daniel    ITA
32    Frodeno    Jan    GER
51    Gaag    Dmitriy    KAZ
28    Gemmell    Kris    NZL
30    Gomez    Javier    ESP

41    Henning    Rasmus    DEN
43    Hug    Reto    SUI
49    Jaskolka    Marek    POL
14    Jenkins    Colin    CAN

12    Kahlefeldt    Brad    AUS
21    Kemper    Hunter    USA
50    Lee Chi Wo    Daniel    HKG
44    Marceau    Olivier    SUI




53    Marques    Duarte Silva    POR
8      Moreira    Juraci    BRA
39    Moulai    Tony    FRA
42    Ospaly    Filip    CZE

54    Pais    Bruno    POR
19    Polikarpenko    Volodymyr    UKR
25    Polyansky    Dmitry    RUS
33    Prochnow    Christian    GER

31    Rana    Ivan    ESP
29    Reed    Shane    NZL
22    Reed    Matthew    USA
45    Riederer    Sven    SUI

52    Sapunov    Daniil    KAZ
3      Serrano    Francisco    MEX
23    Shoemaker    Jarrod    USA
46    Simko    Pavel    SVK

26    Sysoev    Igor    RUS
5      Tayama    Hirokatsu    JPN
48    Tayara    Omar    SYR
15    Tichelaar    Paul    CAN

34    Unger    Daniel    GER
40    Vidal    Laurent    FRA
56    Wang    Daqing    CHN

16    Whitfield    Simon    CAN
6      Yamamoto    Ryosuke    JPN
18    Zeebroek    Axel    BEL


And here is a direct link to the 'Womans' olympic games preview page.



This photo and the other one above are the only images taken showing the swim course. They were both taken after the completion of the Womans event and some athletes can be made out doing race preparation.

The reason there are no photos of the swim is because on neither day did I make it to the event on time. On both days of the event I was dropped off at the wrong entry points by taxi's one and a half hours before the event, but didn't get to the correct entry until 30 minutes into the event on both days.

For anyone going to Beijing to watch the Olympics I would advise that they try and stay in accomadation as close to the event as possible and that they use taxi's associated with their hotel/motel.




This page is coverage of the mens race in what was a great rehearsal for the olympic games.

On the way to Beijing I caught up with Rasmus Henning, who took the first place at Des Moines ITU World cup and the best triathlon prize money on offer this year.

And this page draws to conclusion my year of following the ITU triathlon circuit. During the year I also talked with many other top athletes and coaches, all of which gives me a good feeling of how triathlon is situated at present. Overall it was a very enjoyable and memorable year.





The embankment shown to the left will be fill with chairs and spectators for the Olympic games I am picking. The event will be very good to watch from these seats as all the swim course is visible and the bike and run are multi laps. Be sure to get to the entry gates early though as even with this small crowd it took 20 minutes to get through the security check point.


The misty background to these photos is the thick smog.


Here is another image that(unlike the rest), hasn't had photographic software used to remove the thick fog.


The womans event was held the day before the mens event on a more sunny day, making for better photos.







Shane Reed from New Zealand making a break off the front of the lead cycle group. Shane Reed would already have confirmed his position in many countries teams, but the depth in the New Zealand team is strong at present.






Position Last Name First Name Country Total Time SWIM BIKE RUN
1 Gomez Javier ESP 01:48:41 00:17:39 00:59:26 00:30:41
2 Atkinson Courtney AUS 01:49:04 00:17:43 00:59:24 00:31:01
3 Docherty Bevan NZL 01:49:08 00:17:51 00:59:18 00:31:06
4 Gemmell Kris NZL 01:49:15 00:18:07 00:59:00 00:31:16
5 Whitfield Simon CAN 01:49:18 00:17:44 00:59:25 00:31:16
6 Rana Ivan ESP 01:49:23 00:18:36 00:58:28 00:31:27
7 Clarke William GBR 01:49:26 00:18:14 00:58:55 00:31:23
8 Kahlefeldt Brad AUS 01:49:34 00:18:26 00:58:43 00:31:35
9 Belaubre Frederic FRA 01:49:37 00:17:43 00:59:24 00:31:34
10 Frodeno Jan GER 01:49:44 00:17:47 00:59:23 00:31:44


I beleive the medals will go to three athletes from the list above.

Other contenders are Daniel Unger, Rasmus Hening, Terenzo Bozzone(still to qualify), and Tim Don.

Tim Don didn't finish at this Beijing event due to a bike crash.



The riders on a slight incline. The cycle course has several relatively easy hills to keep things interesting.

The hills are not as tough as in Athens but should be big enough to allow the stronger cyclists to show through.

There was a distinct group in the womans race that had a decent gap straight after the swim and at the olympics this gap will be harder to bridge.




The view of the Shisingling dam from the other side.





Gomez leading with Simon Whitfield running in second position early on in the run. Whitfield was the Olympic gold medalist in Sydney 2001, and looking in good form with his starting place now secure for the Beijing Olympics.






The chasing pack early in the run. Several years ago Ivan Rana pictured leading here was the man setting the fastest times over the 10 km run and looks to be coming back into some good form also.





Rasmus Henning(left) and Daniel Unger(right) have both managed to peak for the big races this year and have proven they can come out on top when the pressure is on.






Samantha Warriner and Debbie Tanner booked themselves places for Beijing the day prior by both finishing in the top five here. They are shown here lending support to some of the male athletes including two fellow Kiwi's.

Both Bevan Docherty and Chris Gemmel are in this chase group and also confirmed their spots for Beijing by placing in the top four on this day.




Hot work in very warm humid condition. The athlete who can handle this type of weather is likely to have an advantage next August.

Like many other athletes Terrenzo Bezzone put alot into his race 2 weeks prior to this day at the World Champs.

The 3rd position in the New Zealand team will be a very hard fought battle for the Beijing Olympics,(like that for the last Olympics with Craig Watson and Chris Gemmel both just missing places).




Australian Courtney Atkinson looking strong and showing through ahead of Brad Kalhlefeld.

The suggestion was put to me that some teams will choose and athlete they want to place in the medals with the other team members also working to help this single athlete. This could certainly be the case in some teams but where there are several top athletes in a countries team(eg. Australia and N.Z), I would be very surprised if team management would insist on this.




Xavier Gomez looking strong with a clear break made from the rest of the field from the first lap of the run, in much the same style as Vanessa Fernandes the day before. Both these athletes have clear number one rankings and with top placings are year out are doing everything right in their preparations.

It will be a different race at the Olympic games with all those participating aiming to peak on the day, so there is always the possibilty of an athlete currently placed outside the top 20 rankings can get through into the top placings.

One athlete who still very strong but is very unlikely to make his countries team is the Australian Greg Bennet as he has chosen to focus on non ITU races. This is understandable given the competiveness for places in that team and there are other race series outside ITU which offer good prize money.

The American team is the one of the few countries having a trial race outside of the ITU to let more of there athletes have a chance to prove themselves. This also makes sense given the depth of there athlete pool in a country where there is a strong triathlon circuit.




The Silver medal at the last olympics went to Bevan Docherty shown here after placing 3rd and also looking to be on track with his build-up.






Mens podium with flags that will surely be represented next year at the same location.





Thankyou to all the decent Chinese people in Beijing except the Taxi drivers who don't listen to yes and no. Have been advised that many of them will drive around a bit extra just to make a few extra dollars so beware.

China was very interesting, but the whole experience took alot of energy and the pollution is a problem.

If visiting China again I will learn the Chinese words for yes and no, and also and get directions/locations written in Chinese as well.




The chance to see a Panda Bear up close even if it was snoozing was a unique opportunity and the visit to the Beijing Zoo was a highlight of my trip in Beijing.

To see more of the Wildlife that live wild in China there is soon to be a page dedicated to it in the part of this site.



Downtown Beijing.

And to finish, another seen that is likely to be common during the Olympics is traffic jams. Many times the traffic doesn't follow the traffic lights. It is just a big group movement.

The worst example was when they all went at the same time and ended up all intertwined in an intersection. The police arrived 30 mins later and untangled it to get the traffic flowing again.




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