32nd America's Cup,

Valencia, Spain.

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The defenders Alingi win the 32nd America's cup.


Alingi take out the last race by 2 secs from Emirates team New Zealand(N.Z) in a thrilling final race, by being the first to make 5 wins.



Pictured here is most of the seventeen Alingi crew heading out, on what would be the last day required to complete a successful defence of the old mug(America's cup).







Pictured here are the two Alingi boats being towed out of the purpose built canal, prior to a race commencing.


















Emirates team N.Z can be made out in many of the shots below by its bright red spinaker in contrast to the white one on Alingi's boat.








Just some of the many varied spectator boats are shown in the two above shots and the one below.













The boats come very close together during the race, as can be seen in the pre-start shots(above and below).



















A defining moment in the best of five America's Cup race series. The spinaker initially had a 20 cent size hole in it near the top.

Seconds before team N. Z. was about to pull the damaged spinaker in, it exploded(shreded itself) and parts of it can just be made out dragging in the water.

The main sail of team N. Z. is obscured by the shreded spinaker, and also Alingi is at the bow end of the N.Z boat. Just above the red spinaker dragging in the water is the faint outline of a boat.





More difficulties for team N. Z. as the second spinaker doesn't go up to plan







From the times on my camera, the above drama with the spinakers went on for a good three minutes.

The three images above were taken with a 200mm lens(like the rest), at quite some distance and have been cropped from the originals.







Alingi moments after crossing the finishing line with a gap of only 100m's back to team New Zealand.









Team N.Z soon after crossing the finishing line of race five.

All the above photos are action from race five.




And below a couple of closer up shots from race day seven of team N.Z moments after the race had been postponed due to low shifting winds.











Some of the 17 Team New Zealand race crew up close.







The centre of the old town(above) like other parts of Valencia(below), made it a spectacular destination for the 32nd America's cup.




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