American ' Triple T '



Photos and story of the 'American T.T.T.' by David Savoie.





The American triple T is the only team tri tour in the US that i know of. It consists of 4 races over 3 days in the mountains of southern Ohio.

Friday afternoon
you race the prologue- 250m swim/5mi bike/1 mi run

Saturday morning
you race an olympic distance 1500m swim/40k bike/6.5mi run

Saturday afternoon
you race another olympic with the bike first    40k bike/1500m swim/6.5mi run

Sunday morning
you race the half ironman  2000m swim/56mi bike/13.1mi run.

All of this is done on some of the hilliest roads in the area.

All racers were the same jersey given out as part of the race package.

You can race the weekend solo or as a team (team mates complete the race as a team time trial rather than a relay).

All races are started in TT fashion with athletes starting every 5 sec or so.







Two races already 'under the belt'.

By this point in the weekend, no one is excited to be starting another race.







Race about to start, May 2009






The swim start.






A swimmer pauses to think about the race to come.






The first two athletes start the Half Ironman.








One of the first swimmers to head out, the water is much warmer this year (last year it was sitting on 55 degrees).













2009 Triple T jerseys.







Ryan Bates heading out for loop two.







After the swim and bike John Kenny holding a demanding lead







The First age groupers head back after the first loop of the bike for an aid-station stop.















John Kenny pulling into transition minutes ahead of 2nd place.









The first coed team to cross the line.







This guy did the whole 13 mile run in a kilt........ It was 92 degrees out.









John Kenny after a rough run.








US pro tri team and first place male team- Ryan Bates & Kevin Lisska.








Trying to add to his lead and secure first place.





Just after the finish, he's checking to see how far back 2nd place is, he needs just over 2 min in order to secure the win.









Trying to cool off.








Getting there.








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