Ironman World Champs,

Kona, Hawaii.


Photos taken by Mal Booth unless otherwise stated.





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cycle section




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Torbjorn Sindballe was the first man off the bike and making that feat 2 years straight.

Photo by Jason Goldberg F








CChrissy Wellington was the first woman off the bike, even after a 10minute stoppage due to a spoke/tyre problem.

Photo by Jason Goldberg







Rutger Beke took out the coveted 3rd spot and was was only 30 seconds down on 2nd.  

This was a great comeback after a few years out of the spotlight.






Mathias Hecht  took 8th and as a result made Switzerland along with the USA the only countries to have two placings in the top 10.






2005 Kona ironman champion Faris Al Sultan.

Apparently he has had some health problems since taking out ironman Malaysia earlier this year.

Great support helps.








Michellie Jones.

The 2006 Kona winner didn't race this year due to a lower leg injury. But watch out for her in the upcoming 70.3 world champs.







Normann Stadler(4) and Chris Leito(6).

Today 12th would have to be good enough for Normann Stadler, the previous Kona world champion in 2004 and 2006.

He raced hard and lead the race for a while in the early stages of the run.






Swiss man Ronnie Schildknecht took 4th and was also in close contention.

This is a hard race and the air temperature got up to 40 degrees plus.








FrancoiFFrancois Chabaud was 2nd in the recent ITU long distance world Champs.










Luke McKenzie was 1st in the Japan Ironman but today wasn't to be his day.

Stefan Riesen in the background.







Some adjustments required.

These guys are incredible.








Timothy Marr.

A local triathlete that raced hard and was in contention until late in the run.






Michael Lovato.

A good day out repeating last years 9th overall today.







Paul Amey.

The current ITU world champion in long distance duathlon challenged hard and place highly also.




Patrick Vernay.

Took the 6th overall and a couple of places ahead of last year.







Eduardo Sturla placed a credible 10th.

He was the winner of ironman Brasil this year.







Ki Bryan Rhodes didn't perform to his recent great form. He recently took out the compitive ironman Canada.








Eneko Llanos Burguera at Mile 9 of the Run and on his way to 2nd today.

Eneko also placed 2nd in ironman Germany this year in a 8hrs 49secs, so is one of the most consistent elites of 2008.

Photo by Dirk Friel of







Craig Alexander completed the marathon in just over 2 hours 45mins!

Also in this picture is the very consistant Cameron Brown who pushed hard and placed a deserved 5th for a big effort.






The new ironman world champion Craig Alexander.

Above photo and the next 5 by Jason Goldberg,











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Mens Pros

1. Craig Alexander      8:17:45
2. Eneko Llanos  8:20:50
3. Rutger Beke   8:21:23
4. Ronnie Schildknecht   8:21:45
5. Cameron Brown   8:26:17
6. Patrick Vernay   8:30:23
7. Andy Potts  8:33:50
8. Mathias Hecht   8:34:02
9. Michael Lovato   8:34:47
10. Eduardo Sturla    8:36:53


Germany's Timo Bracht was disqualified for failing to take his penalty for drafting.

Timo's time without the penalty was 8hr 23min 04sec and would have placed him 5th.


Womans Pros

1. Chrissie Wellington  9:06:23
2. Yvonne Van Vlerken 9:21:20
3. Sandra Wallenhorst  9:22:52
4. Erika Csomor 9:24:49
5. Linsey Corbin  9:28:51
6. Virginia Berasategui  9:29:15
7. Bella Comerford   9:34:08
8. Gina Ferguson  9:36:53
9. Gina Kehr  9:37:06
10. Dede Griesbauer  9:39:53














Some good media attention for a previous Kona winner Faris al Sultan's beer sponsor.






Andy Potts coming in 8th and following a similiar path to Craig Alexander with his previous ironman 70.3 world title.







This is the first ironman finish in well over a year for the previous champion Normann Stadler, so 12th was a great acheivement.







Time to relax after a successful day.







Click here for photos of the swim/start and

cycle section









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