Kona 2008 preview



I am not that big on speculating who will win such prized events like Kona, as there are so many independent variables, but here goes.

Assuming no bike or health issues then Chris McCormack to win. Also of course Craig Alexander to be at the front.

Anyone who was is the top 10 the year before could lead at some stage so if they have their best day many of them could do it.

Enoeko Llanos challenged Chris McCormack all the way in 'Ironman Germany' in the fastest times this year, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see these two battling it out in the run.

First of all lets look at last years results. There are a few names missing from this list that will be looking for redemption. Several of these athletes were unwell last year even though they did start and include the previous two times champion Normann Stadler and of course Faris Al Sultan. Faris really showed his dominance in several races earlier in the year but Normann has been lying very low and had to pull out of this years Ironman Germany also due to illness.

Cameron Brown has a great history in this event and looks to be having a great build up this year.

Francois Chabaud has been racing fast and should be in the mix for a top result also.

Other athletes with recent top form who could easilly break into the top 10 this year are Andy Potts(current 70.3 World Champion) and Bryan Rhodes. If like Chris McCormack says, " the heat is tough on the bigger athletes" then these 2 could struggle along with several others if it is hot.

Frederick van Lierde and Luke McKenzie are two other names I will put in the hat to do well. And I wouldn't be surprised to see Keiren Doe mixing it out the front with the lead cyclists.

It would be great to see the strongest cyclists giving it their all from early in the bike leg, rather than all the strategic worrying/jockeying for position that has been going on in recent years at Kona. I do however think that the race will be won by the best all round athlete and not the fastest bike split of the day however.

It would have been great to go along and photograph this event myself this year as it should end up being very exciting; maybe even approaching the great 'iron wars' of the late 80's.

Some of the athletes I haven't mentioned haven't been racing as often so maybe some of them are focusing 'big time' on Kona. It is a bit of a guessing game unless I heard from them directly or their training partners/coaches.


Scott Molina(45-49) is also entered and it is inspirational and great to watch how athletic the previous winners of this event remain as they get older.

Thomas Hellriegel is another name I associate from the past with strong performances at Kona.

My tip would be to do the 70.3 Hawaii Ironman earlier in the year and I certainly looked at this when compiling the above. It is at a different time of year so the weather is likely diiferent but if it covers some of the same course it can only be of use in the build-up the same year. Basically training on the course and acclimatising well to an area by spending more time there will give some advantage.



Mens 2007 results

1. Chris McCormack   8:15:34
2. Craig Alexander   8:19:04
3. Torbjorn Sindballe   8:21:30
4. Timothy DeBoom   8:22:30
5. Marino Vanhoenacker   8:23:31
6. Chris Lieto   8:25:49
7. Eneko Llanos   8:26:00
8. Luc Van Lierde   8:30:01
9. Michael Lovato   8:33:28
10. Patrick Vernay   8:35:10





Chrissy Wellington has been so dominant this year it looks like no one will come close.

Sam McGlone is not competing due to a leg injury.

The 2006 champion Michellie Jones is unfortunately out due to an injury so who does that leave. Watch out for her to place well at the next Ironman 70.3 World Championships, which I understand she is changing her focus to.

Gina Ferguson(photo left), from N.Z went sub 9 hours in Roth earlier this year as did Erika Csomor and Yvonne Van Vlerken(new world record time for the distance).

Rebecca Keat is showing strong recent form also, so expect a top 5 performance from her.

Could mention several others but I don't believe they will make a challenge to Chrissy Wellington(assuming she is in good health on race day).

Haven't heard how Kate Major's build-up is going but she was impressive in Kona last year.

The field is starting to thin, so will mention Belinda Granger who looks to be coming into the best form of her career so expect top 5 from her also.

Nina Kraft is lined up to start and also has top results at this race a few years back. She is an aknowledged drug cheat and taints the event. There are more in the start lists though and they shouldn't be racing.

The writer of this article was offerred the same drugs many years ago for sports and turned them down. It is only my opinion but basically I believe drugs can easilly tip the balance for a win, thus making it unfair to the other competitors(i.e, bad sportsmanship). Proven drug cheats should be forced to find another job.

Joanna Lawn could also make a challenge at the front of the field but a top 3 placing from her will be great. I like Kate bevilaqua also, and wish her well. Well I did give her a cheer at the end of the capricorn half when she ran past me photographing it. She had a little energy for a thankyou so all the best to her again.


Womans 2007 results

1. Chrissie Wellington  9:08:45
2. Samanther McGlone  9:14:14
3. Kate Major  9:19:13
4. Joanna Lawn  9:26:47
5. Rebecca Preston  9:26:55
6. Rebekah Keat  9:27:19
7. Dede Griesbauer   9:33:34
8. Leanda Cave  9:36:10
9. Belinda Granger  9:37:54
10. Erika Csomor  9:39:47






And below is the full starting lists of professional athletes for 2008.

Highlighted below are all those mentioned in the preview above.

They will be the ones I will be watching with interest anyway as do expect many of them to 'kick butt'.


1 McCormack Chris M MPRO 34 USA
2 Alexander Craig M MPRO 35 AUS
3 Sindballe Torbjorn M MPRO 31 DNK
4 Stadler Normann M MPRO 35 DEU
5 Vanhoenack er Marino M MPRO 32 BEL
6 Lieto Chris M MPRO 36 USA
7 Llanos Burgu era Eneko M MPRO 31 ESP
8 Van Lierde Luc M MPRO 39 BEL
9 Lovato Michael M MPRO 34 USA
10 Vernay Patrick M MPRO 34 NCL
11 Al-Sultan Faris M MPRO 30 ARE
12 Jammaer Bert M MPRO 28 BEL
13 Sturla Eduardo M MPRO 34 ARG
14 Vytrisal Frank M MPRO 41 DEU
15 Bracht Timo M MPRO 33 DEU
16 Riesen Stefan M MPRO 35 CHE
17 Longree Maximilian M MPRO 27 DEU
18 Goehner Michael M MPRO 28 DEU
19 McKenzie Luke M MPRO 27 AUS
20 Zamora Marcel M MPRO 30 ESP
21 Neill Mike M MPRO 36 CAN
22 Major Jozsef M MPRO 29 HUN
23 Hellriegel Thomas M MPRO 37 DEU
24 Juhanson Ain Alar M MPRO 32 EST
25 Brown Cameron M MPRO 36 NZL
26 Twelsiek Maik M MPRO 27 DEU
27 Vuckovic Stephan M MPRO 36 DEU
28 Kawahara Hayato M MPRO 30 JPN
29 Bayliss Stephen M MPRO 29 GBR
30 Tollakson TJ M MPRO 28 USA
31 Schildknecht Ronnie M MPRO 29 CHE
32 Schuberth Elmar M MPRO 39 AUT
33 Neyedli Scott M MPRO 30 GBR
34 Nielsen Tommy M M35-39 35 DNK
35 Rhodes Bryan M MPRO 35 NZL
36 Potts Andy M MPRO 31 USA
37 Amey Paul M MPRO 35 USA
38 Brader Christian M MPRO 28 DEU
39 Wyss Rafail M M25-29 25 CHE
40 Hurd Justin M MPRO 27 USA
41 Beke Rutger M MPRO 31 BEL
42 Larsen Steve M MPRO 38 USA
43 Bell Luke M MPRO 29 AUS
44 Chabaud Francois M MPRO 37 FRA
45 Schmoll Daniel M M25-29 26 DEU
46 Vabrousek Petr M MPRO 35 CZE
47 Hume Sam M M30-34 33 AUS
48 De La Torre Luis M M40-44 40 USA
49 Liebetrau Steffen M MPRO 36 DEU
50 Tani Shingo M MPRO 41 JPN
51 Muehlbauer Hans M MPRO 28 DEU
52 Bonney James M MPRO 36 USA
53 Hecht Mathias M MPRO 28 CHE
54 Bulcock Marty M M40-44 41 CAN
55 Soderdahl Kai M MPRO 40 FIN
56 Lionel Roye M M30-34 30 FRA
57 Leitner Werner M MPRO 39 AUT
58 Bean Eric M MPRO 32 USA
59 Keil Jeffrey M M35-39 36 USA
60 Becker Blake M MPRO 26 USA
61 Strini Markus M MPRO 35 AUT
62 Raphael Jan M MPRO 28 DEU
63 Anderson Mitchell M MPRO 33 AUS
64 Bastie Christophe M MPRO 39 FRA
65 Cigana Massimo M MPRO 34 ITA
66 Werner Stefan M M30-34 32 DEU
67 McKenzie Craig M MPRO 35 AUS
68 Van Lierde Frederik M MPRO 29 BEL
69 Lieto Matt M MPRO 30 USA
70 Hauth Chris M MPRO 38 USA
71 Marr Timothy M MPRO 29 USA
72 Boecherer Andreas M MPRO 25 DEU
73 Lang Alexander M M40-44 40 DEU
74 Daerr Justin M MPRO 27 USA
75 Doe Kieran M MPRO 27 NZL
76 Domnik Norbert M MPRO 44 AUT
77 Anstett Georg M M40-44 40 DEU
78 Haller Gordon M M55-59 58 USA
79 Elliot Lewis M MPRO 28 USA
80 Llanos Hektor M MPRO 36 ESP
81 Hola Tim M M30-34 34 USA
82 Evoe Patrick M MPRO 31 USA
83 Faure Herve M MPRO 32 FRA
84 Fritzsche Paul M MPRO 31 USA
85 Goehler Rene M MPRO 28 DEU
86 Gray Nigel M MPRO 38 CAN
87 Gurgold Gary M MPRO 35 USA
88 Molina Scott M M45-49 48 NZL
89 Helin Loic M MPRO 29 BEL
90 Winnemoelle r Tobias M M25-29 29 DEU
91 Inkinen Sami M M30-34 32 USA
92 Hempel Hannes M MPRO 35 AUT
93 Coste Arnaud M M25-29 29 FRA
94 Vonach Thomas M M35-39 36 AUT
95 Hagen Michael M M45-49 46 USA
96 Ferreira Da S ilva Neto Antonio M M25-29 29 BRA
97 Del Campo Brandon M M30-34 32 USA
101 Wellington Chrissie F WPRO 31 GBR
102 McGlone Samantha F WPRO 29 NOT RACING.
103 Major Kate F WPRO 30 USA
104 Lawn Joanna F WPRO 34 NZL
105 Preston Rebecca F WPRO 29 AUS
106 Keat Rebekah F WPRO 30 AUS
107 Griesbauer Dede F WPRO 38 USA
108 Cave Leanda F WPRO 30 USA
109 Granger Belinda F WPRO 37 AUS
110 Csomor Erika F WPRO 34 HUN
111 Jones Michellie F WPRO 39 NOT RACING.
112 Gollnick Heather F WPRO 38 USA
113 Norton Tara F WPRO 36 CAN
114 Ficker Desiree F WPRO 31 USA
115 Keller Fernanda F WPRO 45 BRA
116 Kehr Gina F WPRO 39 USA
117 Louison Alexandra F WPRO 26 FRA
118 Ferguson Gina F WPRO 27 NZL
119 Kraft Nina F WPRO 39 GRD
120 Paul Charlotte F WPRO 35 AUS
121 Imaizumi Naomi F WPRO 25 JPN
122 Dogana Martina F WPRO 29 ITA
123 Shea-Kenney Caitlin F WPRO 26 USA
124 Matter Sibylle F WPRO 35 CHE
125 Smyers Karen F WPRO 47 USA
126 Wurtele Heather F WPRO 29 CAN
127 Wallenhorst Sandra F WPRO 36 DEU
128 Comerford Bella F WPRO 30 CHE
129 Bevilaqua Kate F WPRO 31 AUS
130 Meyers Katya F WPRO 28 USA
131 Leder Nicole F WPRO 37 DEU
132 Gordon Jacqui F WPRO 35 USA
133 Albertazzi Teri F WPRO 36 USA
134 Allan Paolina F WPRO 38 CAN
135 Berasategui Virginia F WPRO 33 ESP
136 Bij De Vaate Heleen F WPRO 34 NLD
137 Boman Tiina F WPRO 31 FIN
138 Cisarovska Ladislava F WPRO 35 CHE
139 Cooper Haley F WPRO 28 USA
140 Corbin Linsey F WPRO 27 USA
141 Dansereau Sylvie F WPRO 41 CAN
142 Docherty Fiona F WPRO 33 NZL
143 Gross Sara F WPRO 32 CAN
144 Harrison Belinda F WPRO 30 AUS
145 Kolters Charlotte F WPRO 29 DNK
146 Krebs Meike F WPRO 28 DEU
147 Kujala Wenke F WPRO 32 DEU
148 Loeffler Kim F WPRO 36 USA
149 Miyazaki Yasuko F WPRO 31 JPN
150 Oswin Prue F WPRO 30 AUS
151 Phelan Donna F WPRO 36 USA
152 Pichler Silke F WPRO 35 GBR
153 Shiono Emi F WPRO 28 JPN
154 Stadlmann Monika F WPRO 30 AUT
155 Stewart Tyler F WPRO 30 USA
156 Vlerken Yvonne F WPRO 29 AUT
157 Wohlers Lindsay F WPRO 23 USA
158 Biscay Hillary F WPRO 30 USA
159 Jacobs Pete M MPRO 26 AUS
160 Jeuland Jose M MPRO 26 FRA
161 Kohl Frederic M MPRO 30 AUT
162 Lebrun Nicolas M MPRO 35 FRA
163 Marcotte Kyle M MPRO 31 CAN
164 Toivanen Teemu M MPRO 30 FIN
165 Snow Tim M MPRO 32 USA
166 Marques Sergio M MPRO 28 PRT
167 Masuda Daiki M MPRO 28 JPN
168 Matula Martin M MPRO 37 CZE
169 McDonald Alex M MPRO 27 USA
170 Niederreiter Daniel M MPRO 29 AUT
171 Patrcevic Dejan M MPRO 33 HRV
172 Pereira Raul M MPRO 28 BRA
173 Prungraber Karl M MPRO 32 AUT
174 Radcliffe Toby M MPRO 30 GBR
175 Ressler Markus M MPRO 32 AUT
176 Ronco Will M MPRO 30 USA
177 Rossmann Benjamin M MPRO 30 DEU
178 Sanson Benjamin M MPRO 37 FRA
179 Van Praet Ryan M M25-29 28 CAN
180 Seng Brad M MPRO 39 USA
181 Schoissenge ier Peter M MPRO 29 AUT


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