2008 Ironman UK.

Photos provided by Michael and Karen Shead.


Sherbourne Castle, Dorset, England,

Septermber 7th 2008


Top 10 men

1. Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 8:53:57

2. Scott Neyedli (GBR) 9:04:30

3. Andreas Di Bernardo (AUT) 9:08:25

4. Spencer Smith (GBR) 9:13:34

5. Nick Saunders (GBR) 9:18:25

6. Toby Radcliffe (GBR) 9:30:36

7. Kai Söderdahl (FIN) 9:32:16

8. Dave Rost (NED) 9:34:38

9. Rune Skovmand (NOR) 9:41:08

10. Jan Kovalovsky (CZE) 9:41:34


Top 10 women

1. Bella Comerford (GBR) 9:49:07

2. Heike Funk (GER) 10:24:41

3. Susanne Buckenlei (GER) 10:28:42

4. Yvette Grice (GBR) 10:35:08

5. Monika Stadlmann(AUT) 10:35:27

6. Alice Hector (GBR) at 10:41:29

7. Irene Kinnegin (NED) 10:43:09

8. Lucy Gossage (GBR) 10:44:53

9. Abigail Bayley (GBR) 11:03:05

10. Kathy Cook (GBR) 11:05:15




Any second thoughts?






Bella and Steve warmup with the other athletes.





Castle over looks the lake.

Athletes swim to the start.





The start was delayed.





Volunteers help the athletes out of the murky water.





Exiting the swim.





Cloudy weather on the horizon.





Coming out of transition to venture out on the road.






Cartmell in the lead but he dropped out later.






Crowd sees Bella take the lead.





Second lady on the bike Heike Funk.






Good crowd support.






Cycling along the beautiful hedged roads of rural Dorset.

The rain stayed away for the duration of the bike and run.





Spectators watching from the front entrance of Sherborne Castle.





Stephen Bayliss Takes out the Ironman U.K crown.





Last years winner Scott Neyedlli would have to settle for 2nd this year.





Bella Comerford takes out the womans Ironman U.K crown.





Representing Germany was Heike Funk who was 2nd lady on the day.





Scott was pleased with 2nd.






First placed Steve Bayliss being interviewed by a radio station.





Bella was glowing after a good days work.







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