Ironman World Champs,

Kona, Hawaii.


Photos taken by Mal Booth unless otherwise stated.





Mens Pros

1. Craig Alexander      8:17:45
2. Eneko Llanos  8:20:50
3. Rutger Beke   8:21:23
4. Ronnie Schildknecht   8:21:45
5. Cameron Brown   8:26:17
6. Patrick Vernay   8:30:23
7. Andy Potts  8:33:50
8. Mathias Hecht   8:34:02
9. Michael Lovato   8:34:47
10. Eduardo Sturla    8:36:53

Germany's Timo Bracht was disqualified for failing to take his penalty for drafting.

Timo's time without the penalty was 8hr 23min 04sec and would have placed him 5th.


Womans Pros

1. Chrissie Wellington  9:06:23
2. Yvonne Van Vlerken 9:21:20
3. Sandra Wallenhorst  9:22:52
4. Erika Csomor 9:24:49
5. Linsey Corbin  9:28:51
6. Virginia Berasategui  9:29:15
7. Bella Comerford   9:34:08
8. Gina Ferguson  9:36:53
9. Gina Kehr  9:37:06
10. Dede Griesbauer  9:39:53






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Six times 'world ironman champion' in Kona Dave Scott better known as the 'The Man' in triathlon circles, graced the event with his attendance.




Race morning.

Pro female from Canada Heather Wurtele(126).

Photo by Jason Goldberg






Age group athltets getting ready for a start in this warm tropical climate.

Photo by Dirk Friel of







Photos above and below by Jason Goldberg








Ironman age group underway in the 2008 Ironman World Championships.

Early morning light results in more colour when photographing with the sun behind. This is opposed to the 2 images  above taken facing into the sun(nice effects though such as showing the early morning mood).







The winner of last years event, Chris McCormack is shown in the above photo going through the first transition.

He chose not to finish the race due to technical difficulties on the bike.

A cable involved in the gear changing broke and it would have taken up to 20mins to fix according to reports from those in Kona.

Photo by Jason Goldberg






Craig Alexander at 100km on the bike.

Photo by Dirk Friel of







'Go Aussie'.







Looking fast.

No time wasted here.






Drafting gaps in the age group race? The yellow markers in the foreground indicate a 2 meter gap.







Chrissy Wellington will become one of the all time greats in long distance triathlon if she keeps up this sort of dominant form for much longer.








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