2008 Expedition Adventure Race(XPD),

High Country, Australia.



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This photo coverage was provided by XPD media(www.xpd.com.au).




XPD is Australia's own expedition length adventure race.

(17th - 28th November 2008)





Day 1 preparation.









The 2008 XPD is underway.











The race is underway above and below










Mid camp, day 4.








Day 5 camp






Day 5 bike section start.










Day 5 bike course above and below.







Day 5 bike repairs.









Beautiful, but indicating some rain in the distance.






A team working in tamden..

Off the beaten track.






All extremes of weather served up in this event.




Day 6, looks like a good variety of skills required.












Racing into the night.

Great photo action whoever took these!







Day 7.













Getting food and liquids in is important for lasting the distance.








In the high country.





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This is a photo of the first placed team overall, Team 'blackheart.com'.




The 'blackheart.com' team raced a total of 5 days 15 hours (135hours) hours since the start of the race, and have not slept since the restart at mid-camp on Sunday.

This XPD has been the hilliest of any XPD, with teams gaining a total of 16,675 metres in elevation throughout the race.

“It has been a long night, there is a lot of snow up on the last trek, it was pretty quiet up on Kosciusko as we haven't seen a team in ages”. Said Rob Preston from Blackheart.com.au.

The team was greeted with Champagne and Pizza, which didn't last long as they quickly consumed the only non-race food that they have eaten since the race began nearly one week ago.

Eight mixed teams and five all male teams are still completing the course as a ranked teams.

“The course this year was different, and much harder than last year. Last year we had Orion Health to push us all of the way. On every leg of this race, at least one of us had a moment of pain, at some stages it was all 4 of us were in pain”. Said Damon Goerke.

Blackheart.com.au's racing experience paid off many times along the course, “booking the caravan at the mid-camp dark zone was a good strategy that paid off for us, we knew that we would get there with enough time for a good sleep so we wanted to have a comfortable night”, said Preston.


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