Team & Individual 2 day

'Coast to Coast' , N.Z








First through the Mountain run was Mark Beesley who's team took out first overall in their category.





Second team through was 5 mins back.

No time to stop for a drink.





First i Dougal Allan pictured here was first through the mountain run and finished the first day in 5hr 10min 8sec.

He would place first in the 2 day day individual race.


Below is a link to a coaching service offered by several coaches including Dougal:






James McBryde had the 2nd fastest run some 5 mins back.




Mike Walker pictured here was 13mins back in 3rd after the run and would hold on in day 2 to take out 2nd place overall.





Rachel Ockelford would take out 2nd overall in the womans 2 day race.






Wider angle showing the last section of the run.







Some of the leading runners taken to show the action.






Another view of the valley from a different perspective.






kKKatherine Allan pictured here would take out 3rd overall in the 2 day event. 





River crossing action.

Thirsty work.








Running on large boulders requires concentration.









You have to be tough to complete this run and that is only part of the race.










Beautiful clean water straight out of the mountains.







Enjoying a great day out.








Images of teams and individuals on the 2nd day are shown below.


Coming to end of kayak section through this steep gorged river.








Successfully completed kayak section.













Happy to be at the kayak finish.














88It helps to have a steadying hand after kayaking for 5 hours plus.








A couple of team members finishing their part and about to tag the cyclist who will finish the day.









Great acheivements all round.

Andrew McNicoll pictured here was hit by a bus while training in 2002 and spent seven weeks in coma. Now back and going strong.

Andrew m






The oldest competitor to complete the race this year at 68 years young.










Great acheivements all round. A couple of successful days being discussed post race at Sumner beach on a new coastline from where they started the day before.




The 2 day race is great build-up for doing the longest day and is one way to prove you are up to it.


A great challenge and apparently everyone gets a spot prize plus of course a free beer.


It was good for the spectators this year as there was free 'Speights' to all, compliments of the event sponsor.








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